Friday, September 02, 2016

Pop Art Rabbi Brings Color To East Hampton On September 11 

At Chabad of East Hampton on Sunday, September 11, Rabbi Yitzchok Moully, also known as the "Pop Art Rabbi," will present an exhibition of his vibrant works that combine the colorful pop art aesthetic with familiar images of Hasidic Judaism. 

Born in Australia, he served as a Chabad rabbi for 10 years in New Jersey, where he was introduced to silkscreen painting. He found a creative outlet through silkscreen, which he used to portray his beliefs in a new and fresh light. With exhibitions throughout the United States, Australia and Canada, he is now a full-time artist with a mission to put a positive spin on preconceived notions of faith and religion. 

"'Rabbi' was my definition first—then after that came the art," he explained. "My work is definitely a reflection of my beliefs. I like to call it 'Judaism in Color.'"

The show, titled "What's a Good Rabbi Doing Painting?" will conclude the Chadad of East Hampton's summer program. It will feature Rabbi Moully's first two bodies of work, "Pop Art" and "Post Pop," along with a few of his abstract pieces. He will also give a lecture about his life and how he discovered his passion for painting 10 years ago.

He shared that this show occurs at an opportune time because it precedes the Jewish High Holidays of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur in October. 

"These Judaism holidays have a sort of somber, heavy feel to them," he said. "I'm trying to convey the lighter, more joyous side of Judaism."

The center's program coordinator, Musia Baumgarten, expressed the staff's excitement about Rabbi Moully's upcoming visit. 

"We're constantly looking for different things to bring to the community," she said. "Quite a few Chabad centers have had the rabbi in the past and they all said it's a fantastic event for the community. Everybody who comes will enjoy it." 

All of his art will be for sale at the show, and a portion of the proceeds will go toward benefiting the center. His work can also be viewed on his website, moullyart.com

"What's a Good Rabbi Doing Painting?" will take place at Chabad of East Hampton, 13 Woods Lane, East Hampton, on Sunday, September 11, at 11 a.m. For additional information, call 631-329-5800 or email Info@jewishhamptons.com.

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