Wednesday, July 05, 2017

London Ultra-Orthodox School Cited For Mixing Boys And Staff Bathrooms 

A private ultra-Orthodox boys' school in north London failed an official inspection last week after inspectors cited the school for putting students "at risk," The Independent reported. Yesodey Hatorah School, an "independent" school in the largely ultra-Orthodox neighborhood of Stamford Hill, is the second private Jewish school in London to receive official citations in recent weeks.

"Boys in the secondary school have been placed at risk due to the unacceptable arrangements to share both toilet and washroom facilities with male members of staff," inspectors wrote in a report. They also noted there were no showers for high school-aged boys.

The report from Ofsted, the UK's Office for Standards in Education, also accused the staff of not teaching "tolerance of people who have protected characteristics under the Equality Act (2010)." The act includes protections for women and LGBT people.

Yesodey Hatorah School has over 600 students between the ages of five and 15.

Last week Vishnitz Girls School, which is also located in the Stamford Hill neighborhood, failed its inspection for not teaching LGBT values.

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