Tuesday, January 01, 2019

More controversial comments emerge from firefighter accused of lewd posts 

More controversial Facebook posts allegedly authored by an Orange County firefighter accused of lewd remarks emerged Monday.

Maybrook firefighter and Montgomery Ambulance Corp. member Tommy Starro is accused of comments attacking the Hasidic community. A post obtained by News 12 shows three Hasidic men, with a caption saying Starro will "give a prize" to someone who takes them out in a manner similar to a video game.

Another apparent post referenced a Hasidic development in Chester with a caption, "Stand strong. You don't want your town crowded with measle infected skells."

Starro says that his account had been hacked.

These online remarks surfaced just days after Starro used Facebook to question the immigration status of American-Columbian Orange County Legislator Kevin Luján. He also made another post lewdly referencing Luján's mother.

Starro said his comments about Luján were taken out of context and written as a joke.

Longtime friend and neighbor Joseph Byrne came to the defense of Starro, saying, "That's not the Tommy I know or a lot of other people know. Does he make jokes? Yes. He's that type of guy."

Officals say Starro has been asked to remove any affiliations with the Maybrook Fire Department and Montgomery Ambulance Corp. as they consider disciplinary action against him.


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