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Lipa Schmeltzer pleads ignorance

During an interview with Zev Brenner last night on the radio, Lipa Schmeltzer, when confronted by a caller as to why he had used a goyishe tune from the Lion King for his Abi Meleibt video, Lipa said that he had no knowledge of the tune being from a famous Broadway play. Lipa explained himself by saying that Sheya Mendlowitz had just approached him with a tune and asked him to write words for it. Other than that he claims he had no knowledge about the tune or as to its origin. The funny thing is that from the blank expression on Lipa's face you can almost believe what he is saying as being true.

זינגטס אלע אינאיינעם

"ואינו יודע ואינו יודע מההההההההה הוא"


Once yiddish words are applied, it becomes a heiliger niggun.


hey listen I think its cool to take non-jewish tunes and apply some nice jewish words. But come on don't try to cover up. I've personaly been at many chassunahs where lipa has taken non-jewish songs and stuck in jewish words. and if you don't like it don't listen to his music.


I think he is full of B.S.


What kind of blank expression did you see over the radio?


At 3:25- Why by the escalator does he sing "people beeping should be sleeping like the lion sleeps tonight". That was an obvious wink to the audience who are in the know. He shouldn't pretend to be such a dope.


Can you please get the audio on here thanx!


I can sum most of his detractors up with one word: Judgenmental

And if you want to add commentary to the summation I can sum them up with a second word: Stupid!


hi i listened to the show lipa if u are reeding this commant i wana tell you you are one hundret percent right and any body who disagrees should simply not by the tape and by the way the song yidden from mbd comes from a reel
natzi tape and michol stricher also has a song called eretz yisroel is a song called moskow if thay could why cant lipa and please any body out there if you like lipa and not his new album go out and by leilah uleilah its sumthing out of this world
any ways lipa keep it up youre doing a fantastic job i am a big big fan of youres
wishinh you good luck
a makimi member!!!!


For your information the Song "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" was recorded by a rock group called the Tokens in 1961. It has nothing to do with the Broadway show/Movie,The Lion King.


Yidn do you remember story with
McFleishig? (55/16ave)How McDonald give him note?


It should also be noted that Lipa actually sings "the lion sleeps tonight" towards the end of his song.

So if indeed he has made the claim that he was unaware of the original lyrics and just wrote new lyrics to the tune, he is clearly lying.




If you only want to hear Jewish Music listen to Nigunei Chabad or Belz or Satmar.
Don't buy any of the jewish popular music MBD, , Piamenta, Muncle Oishe, Wendy Bald, Yoshy Mess, Shaakov Yeky, Wooly Sillygirl, Miami Girls Chior, don't pick on Shipa Leltzer.


Hate to break this to you, but the revered Yom Tov Erlich used old Russian folk songs for most of his lyrics.
No wonder they were all so haunting and original.


lipa is the best and i think the real reason some of you who criticize him is plain old.....JEALOUSY.


Can you please get the audio on here thanx!


Any of you ever heard of commas, periods, question marks, just basic grammar skills. You guys are so ignorant.




I epologize for my ignowrence i am dislexic and kant spel pleez dont judge me cuz I am not smat lik yu i dont no wat komma iz but period i think iz someting de wuman gets one tim a month

komma i tink is a gemoora but i its bubba komma


i saw him on stage in the disney animal kingdom. he was great with the women dancing beside him.


He has great music. I would venture to say that he is part of the revival of Yiddish music.


The Kvetcher,are You Envy???
Looks like!!! :) :) :)


in the last week bakehila (israeli news paper) it states in the name r' ovadya yosef shlit'A THAT IT IS PERMITITED TO SING A GOYISHE TUNE AS LONG YOU DONT SING IT WITH THEIR GOYISHE WORDS and that when he writes his teshuves in the backround he listens to arabic music


PUHLEASE. I bet that all u machers who r suposedly "hocking" about lipa and his so called " oy vey its goyishe music" r full of baloney. Why u guys all probably have front row tickets to his upcomming concert with MBD. Lipa is awsome plain and simple. For all u guys who havent got tickets yet u can go to jewishtickets.com to purchase them. The profit of the event will go to tzrdaka. Ahh i can hear it already- "tizku tizku limitzvah mitzvah gorreres mitzvah....."


Check this: Recognize the song?



the MBD song "Yidden" is a famous tune that is used by many, many singing groups. I've heard a Russian group sing thier own song to this tune. and I think it originates from somewhere in Eastern Europe.
Many Chassidishe Nigunim were taken from tunes they heard as they passed taverns and the like ... and the Chasid would use the tune (and sometimes the words) to inspire him in his connection to his Rebbe or in his service to Hashem


Interesting song about Ghengis Kahn with some russian group. Now i'm wondering who plagiarized who? what was the original? and how did you find out about this?


I found more information on it from someones blog: http://blogindm.blogspot.com/2003/07/about-yidden.html Someone


I happen to thin the song is great, and Lipa is wonderful however....
#1-If Lipa says he didn't know where the music is from he's full of "shmeltzer" !!

#2- Why is he so afraid of admitting where he got it from? The chadishe bums will continue to listen anyway.


Tulchic learn how to spell! You FRACHEN dog!!Also if Lipa can make a parnsa off it who cares, we are the peole excepting the music.DUH!


The Blober can't spell at all.What Shul did you attend? You SUCK


can someone please post the audio???


bichlal every yid is בחזקת כשרות

lets look at his side

he said he was approched by sheya mendelwitz and he obviously sang him the song with the original lyrics, and based on that he made new words.

the fact that he mentions "the lion sleeps tongiht" menas nothing becuase he probably figured he will just keep the words there cuz it fits.

i am sure he probably knew it wasn't a jewish (frum) song, but i doubt he listened to the original. unless he is lying - but כל ישראל בחזקת כשרות


people people, lipa aint innocent - look at him! he's dead cool (wen he's not tryin too hard to be cool) so let him be. the goyim are here for our benefit, so takin a goyshe song and makin it kosher is jus wot we need. GO LIPA, GO LIPA, GO LIPA...


PLEASE we're Jewish!! Please stop cursing eachothers and calling everyone names. Anyone heard of "dan lekaf zechus?"


I need the Lipa Gelt video, I can't find it on Limewire or google.
Help !!!!!!


there's nothing wrong if lipa is parodying the song, but like everyone is saying, just ADMIT IT!
there are dozens and dozens upon dozens of 'jewish' songs that are either samples or straight out copies of 'goyish' songs. without examining each song legally, the number one thing that all of these artists should do is atleast credit the original in some way. it's so hypocritical when they not only don't do this, but they pretend to have made it up on their own.- case in point, the 'special moments' cassette (mbd, yeedle & mendy werdyger) has a big hasro'oh/ warning signed by 3 gedolei poskim forbidding copying the casette for any reason, based on a ruling of the mishna berurah brought out by r' moshe. just to the left of this letter are the list of songs and their composers. the last and final song listed is the only one without any credit to a composer. that song? yidden. so cash another check MBD, feel proud about yourself


The song was originally released in South Africa in 1939:



Ok so someone just sent me this link... let me wage in here. I helped Lipa write this song. At first it even had more verses. We wrote the song and the whole time thought, “How can we film what we are singing?” Unlike the Gelt video this song was written to be a video. We also decided that we should have an English part in the song so it wasn’t all Yiddish and I think it was me and Lou Auguste that decided we should give a nod to the original composition by saying "like a lion sleeps tonight" in Lipas version too.
The idea for this song was all Shea Mendlowitz’s. He came to us (Lou and I) and Lipa with the idea, and we decided to go with it. I think Abi Maleibt is a great song and a great video. I think there is nothing wrong with taking old classic songs and re-doing them into Jewish songs as long as you have the legal rights to use the original composition. I know most artists that do this like Lenny Solomon of Shlock Rock get clearance for every song they do and I am sure the people at Sameach music did the same for this song as well. As for Lipa who knows what he knew, and does it really matter?


Its not the fact that a non jewish song has been turned kosher, its the fact that a chassidishe did it. But u know wot? All credit to him - u can be Chassidish n cool too u know! (And no i'm not Chassidish in case u think - i'm far from it!)


Thanks 4 the http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=5329218840884525228&q=dschinghis link - it really made me laugh!


I was seaching for "Abi Maleibt" at Google and i just found your blog.. =D
I really thing that this song is really cool (and the video, too, of course!).
And it says the truth, don't you think??
I'm from Brazil and I don't speak English very well.. But I'm going to read your blog every day.. I like it.


SATMAR Machloikes

the satmar community should be embaressed by the terribble chillul hashem it makes every time they fight over who the rebbe is and it ends up evry newspaper boruch hashem sofar it has not made front page news. Both Zalaman and Aaron are to blame by not controling their people And whoever did not let the rebbes ainekel talk at his own zaidas levaya people should not support somone like that that


A total rip-off, but then again, so is the beginning of this video, the Lipa Experience Promo : http://youtube.com/watch?v=8sV4gik3xHU
where he copies the beginning of the AliG show of Sasha Baron Cohen, a totally treif but hillarious show. Come on, Lipa, just be up front with people.


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