Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Terrorist training camp found in New York

See Chaptzem, you post, and you don't know what you're talking about.

It was erev shabbos, and they were getting the cholent ready. Everybody knows an EMESSEH yid makes his cholent that way.


BUT, they're not allowed to play baseball! Can't be like the Goyim. What a sad state of affairs.


This is in very poor taste...

We need HaShem to save us from friends like you


Somebody explain whats happening here please.


Seriously, what were they doing? Trying to get some exercise? Trying to move an old car to clear space? Anyone know.


what the heck are they trying to do to the van?
Nice though that they are having fun.


I think that is the gartel quality control center. if the gartel don't snap then its good to daven with.


Hey Chaptzem,

This one hit the Jackpot, my laptop almost fell off the table from laughter :)


hey chapi bring back the photo contests


they are getting ready to box out reb aaron


those hunkys are screwed whats happening?maybe there rebbe is there


Mate these guys are hopeless. I have been to car accidents and 6 of us, not 600 just six individuals, alright 2 were cops, but 4 yungerleight managed to flip a truck like that over. How the fuck can 250 people first- not manage and second - GIVE UP???

you guys really nees a bit of exercise.


Are they also protesting the Jerusalem Gay Parade??


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