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Kosover Rebbe gives P'sak on CD copying

The Kosove Rebbe, HaRav Shragah Hager, gave a P'sak Halachah that it is muttar to copy CD's for any use, even for distribution, as long as there was no money made from it. He said that there was no such thing as intellectual property rights (IPR) in the Torah, and therefore there was no Issur to copy CD's unless if it were for profit, which would then be Hasogas Gevul. He went on further to laugh at the Jewish music producers' Am Haratzas with their trying to circumvent the Halachah by leasing the CD's rather than selling them. He said that this method was both useless and a joke.

Can we get a PDF (or any image) of the psak?


Assuming this p'sak is as you report it, I am glad I am not a Koseve chosid, so I don't have to pay attention to something which is so clearly inane.


Why doesn't Dina D'malchuseh apply?


Unless you show up a copy of the p'sak, your post means absolutely nothing.


Dork, so don't follow it. The rest of us will. We'll make our copies.

Rav Eliyashiv holds the only issur is Dina Malchusa Dina. He also holds there is no concept of I.P. rights in the Torah. And in the U.S. (most people don't know) it has long been permissable to copy copyright material for personal purposes.


Also, even if your oiver Dina D'Malchusa by violating a copyright, you have the same issur as crossing the street when the light is red (and no cars are near.) Both would be Dina D'Malchusa.


If this is not a Purim prank, then I am very sorry, but the Kosover "Rebbe" (which one is this anyway? the one in Tzfas is a tzaddik who would never mix into this kind of thing) should be brought to a din torah where nidui or cherem would be a proper outcome unless he repeals this nonsense.


Hey Joseph,

Your statements are inaccurate. In the U.S. copyright law forbids one from copying copyrighted material unless it qualifies as fair use. Check the law first and then talk.


First of all the whole world doesn't have to hold by the Kosover Rebbe and second of all go ahead copy it the torah says to follow the rules of the goverment and if it copyrighted its against the law which the torah says we are suppose to follow.


shraga hager or mendel hager


you people dont have a writen psak nor do you have his name right. i dont think he would even give a psak on such an inane thing


doesn't the torah have a concept of a contract? in this case, when you buy the CD you buy it on the condition that you follow its license agreement which says that you may not copy it. isn't that as much of a contract, say, as a kesubah?


Did the Kosover Rebbe suggest whether an artist entitled to be fairly compensated for his labor and creativity? Or is it of no concern?


If i am selling with a double tnay, means that i am selling you on condition that you can not copy,and if not,i am not selling to you, this will even the rebbe agree that you will not be able to copy and MOST write that on the cd than means when you buy it you agreed to that.


the jewish music industry will not survive if cd copying continues the singers, distributors and stores hardly make much money as it is, for the good of the jewish music industry we must support our singers. copying cds thinking that your a chochom because now you got it free hurts the industry if the goyishe market cant handle it imagine how fast will the jewish one will fold...


Open up this link below to find what the rabbonim have to say about this issue.



The rebbe might be saying so that the music world does comes to an end alot of people don't like what is happening to the new music MBD gets old evntully

but that is tottally off the topic

Rav Elyashiv said you can't fly on airplanes because of the movies issue does anyone listen these are irrelevent psaks.


First Of All,The People That Ridicule The Kosover Rebbe Should Know They Are Ridiculing A Very Big Talmid Chacham And Is A Big Mechutzef,Second Of All Everyone Should Follow Their Local Rav Instead Of Ridiculing Other Talmidei Chachamim, And Third Of All Since This Is A Very Controversial Issue People Should Not Ridicule Other People That Follow Their Rav.


It's amazing how much people will talk about things that they have no clue about like the guy who says that Rav Elyashiv forbids flying on planes. Where did you hear that, in the mikvah? Or people getting into the ins and outs of copyright laws. How about something intelligent from a copyright lawyer or something.


Actually his is completly wrong for 2 reasons.

1) The CD is sold with a condition not to copy it. There are many similar examples in the Gemara, Hareini mocher loch al menas...

2) There is is haloche that "dina demalchisa dina" which means that any law passed by a government has to observed by every Jew, and since it is illegal to copy music, it would also be against daas torah to do so.


Finally Someone is speaking out against the Sameach Music MAFIA and their endless attempts to pocket our hard earned money e.g. 19 dollars for a cheaply-made crummy CD that you dont even have full rights of ownership to


OK I was by the Sheir of the Kosever Rebbe and he did not say that at all!
Every Shabbos the Rebbe give a Sheir before mincha in "Shulchan Aruch" we are now up to "Choshen Mishpat" and a few weeks ago some one at the sheir brought up the kind of text that is on the new CDs in the stors as a medaphor for some Kind of "kinyen" and the Rebbe gestured that the whole idea of this text is so so...
yesterday after a Sheir I told the rebbe that things are going around in his name about CDs. He said I heard .... these are one of the things my Rebbe, Reb Fishale [Hershkowitz] told me never to say an opinion because what ever you will say it will come back to you totally different.


So, Chaptzem, where did you get your information about this-did you just make it up?


Well chaptzem? do you have anything to back it up or are you just doing the usual and fabricating stories. You got his name wrong to start, You never verified a word of what you let be posted regarding a very speacial choshuva person who spends all his days for klal and nothing for himself. Be smart and remove the entire post.You never know what could happen when you let people vent their frustrations over tzadikin like Rav Elyashuv and Rabbi Hager.


MBD sucks.


I personaly heard the same thing from the Rabbi that he never said that it is permitted


the kosover rebbe is a big talmid chacham and an erlicher yid - he is the posek for Viznitz Monsey in Boro Park - and firs a very nice tish


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