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BEWARE! - Convicted child molester Yechiel Brauner gets new car

Yechiel (Jerry) Brauner

Convicted Boro-Park child molester Yechiel Brauner was seen driving a new car that is not listed on his offender registry entry. The car is a light blue late 90's model Mercury Grand Marquis with the license plate number BHZ 5385. There is a handicap permit hanging from the rear-view mirror and the back lights of the car are broken and have lens tape on them. Warn your children and teenagers not to accept any rides from the man driving this car.

Thank you for posting this story!! This is exactly what we are looking for when we check out chaptzem for anything new!!! Thanks again!!!


As I wrote yesterday most of the Perverts and Drug Dealers are in Boro Park and guess who they are. Of course this perv is riding around in a new car and probably is being held in the highest respect. Enough with these people. I am tired of hearing abouit the persecution. I know it was a HORRIBLE HORRIBLE thing but others were persecuted also but do not carry it on for generations and try to get one over on the land.


Why don't we just chaptzem him and cut off his yatzmach. That would put an abrupt end to his hobby.


Dear Anonymous: August 01, 2007 11:39 AM

You are a simple Jew hater and you should be viewing http://holywar.org/ not Chaptzem. You’re a despicable pig who should you have been around at the time of the holocaust would no doubt have been at least a prison guard! May you suffer a long and painful death and rot in hell with all those that you "do" admire!


why his picture is he the only one we know and is boro park the only place this is happening ,did anyone asked any rav or rabbi that you can do this . do we realy have to be like all the goiem by the way anyone who knows about this problems also knows that boro park has the least of this problem


Anonymous: August 01, 2007 11:39 AM

I'm sorry but I don't get your point. What exactly is the point of your post. How does that post by Chaptzem illustrate the Jewish community trying to "get over on the land"????


Thank you "Chaptzem" for posting it.
every time I see this man walking down my street it chills me to know that my children are playing outside and this child molester is walking around freely just because nobody wanted to press charges against him. BTW I was molested by this "human peace of garbage" when I was a kid. I just wouldn't press charges against him because I asked a "shaile" and its against "halacha".


poster 3:09 pm is right. A rav should have beem consulted before you embarrass someone in public.


I know this Chazer and the things he did. It has been going for years. The only one to do anything about it was one person that wasnt afraid to go to the authorities. This Chazer has a din Roidef, anything one can do to stop people like this from walking amongst us is big Mitzvah. A big thanks goes out to the person that finaly did something about it. To all Boro Parkers, if this happens to your child it is incumbent upon you to go to the authorities. The authorities are very smart in the way they handle this and will keep the ID of the victim a closely guarded secret. If you are a victim and fail to go to the authorities, you are allowing this to happen to other Jewish community members. According to the Rambam you are oiver on Lo Saamod Al Dam Reiyecha.


זכור לשון הרמב''ן בפירוש החומש למה התורה מזהיר כ''כ על משכב זכור "כי רחמנות הטפשים רבים חללים הפילו"


My blood started boiling when i saw this picture. I remeber when I was a kid i used to go to Shome Shabbos to Daven about 15 Years ago, He always would keep his hands low and try to bump into me by mistake. At least thats what i thought. Let them arrest him.


Thank you "Chaptzem" for posting it.
every time I see this man walking down my street it chills me to know that my children are playing outside and this child molester is walking around freely just because nobody wanted to press charges against him. BTW I was molested by this "human peace of garbage" when I was a kid. I just wouldn't press charges against him because I asked a "shaile" and its against "halacha".
Firstly it is NOT against halacha and Secondly If you actually believe this so called Rabbi then you know what ? u are a 1st class tipish. and perhaps maybe if he picks on you again will u realize that maybe just maybe u SHOULD DO SOMETNING about this molester and call the cops.


I imagined that there a chevra around who know how to take care of such people, late at night, masked, shlish-shlish, zoom-zoom, and in the garbage. I don't mean his life of course, let him enjoy it, but without those uncontrolable gonads. I someone has taavos one can't control, let his fingers do the walking. Do unto yourself, what you wish to do unto others.


also tell your children not to accept rides from ANY stranger.Thank you.


Unfortunately he is one of many in our community and they should all be exposed....


I know this man very well, I arranged for him therapy for his problem, several years ago. This man is now a broken Yiddisha Neshoma. As mentioned above, he went thru vigorous therapy and many Yom Kippur's to do Teshuva wholeheartedly. So there is no point to humiliate him and his family any firther. not to say that people should not be aware, but please be considered which and how a story should be made publicly, because the consequences can be be very severe. ועוות לא יוכל לתקן


This comment is to the guy who claims to have arranged for therapy for this convicted pedophile.I think if you realy care you should either get this guy serious therapy immediately or take him into your house and keep him there locked up so that he does not molest any boys anymore.I personaly saw him touching teenage boys in recent years more than once so dont sell us any nonesense that he did teshuva.I urge anybody that sees this creep to watch every move of his when you see him. He has extremely fast hands, and if you catch him in the act beat the living daylights out of him and if you dont got the guts get a few guys to help you.At this opportunity I would like to thank all the choshive yidden and knakers who time and again stick up for this lowlife and whenever he is being charged by an innocent boy for molesting him they spend countless ours threatening the boy and his family or bribing them to drop charges.Due to their hard work more and more children can look forward to a long screwed up life full of heavy therapy and problems that can not be described.Lets pray to hashem that no person should have to go through this hell.


We should give him a taste. Grab his beitzim real hard and tell him now go touch the little kids.


Eight years ago Brauner hurt a family member. On Hoshana Raba morning while driving a Mes to the Beis Hachaim for Shomrei Hadas Chapel. My family member went along to say Tehillim like Brauner requested.

He hurt my family member really badly. After discussing it with the amazing Rabonim of Boro Park and them ordering us not to have him arrested, we went ahead and had him arrested anyway.

Community members guided us to the proper unit. Everything progressed quickly from there. The night before the sentencing Brauner attacked another Bochur in Shomer Shabbos shul. He asked him to help him shlep Seforim. This poor boy's father had no courage to do the right thing. Now Brauner's acts are on his hands.

Thanks to a few people who made sure he doesn't sit too long, Brauner got house arrest and was very soon free to continue his sick ways.

He specifically told the court ordered psychiatrist that the only way to stop him would be to cut off his hands.

Will somebody please kindly do it for him?

If anyone needs our help concerning Brauner just contact the Boro Park Shomrim, They'll contact us.


We have to put ourself s in the place of a realitive of this person how embarrassed you would be seeing his picture on the web. Imagine his kids walking into shul and people whispering behind their backs the most disgusting things about their father the pain is imaginable! But yet you still have to think of the parents of children that were "hurt" loi alainu. I dont know what is rite to do because im on neither side should you warn people about it or just keep it under the rug you have to ask your rav but what we could do is daven that hashem take care of such people and free everyone from such embarrassment and great pain.


Rabbi Belsky has insisted that he personally knows Rabbi Brauner very well and that he was set up and wrongly found guilty. Rabbi Belsky feels the same way about Rabbi Yiddi Kolko. Rabbi Belsky is a very smart person and if he says he didn't do it you must believe him. Accordingly this is also motza shem ra about an innocent man and must immediately stop. P.S. to Shmelke: Rabbi Belsky was innocent of inapropriate touching at Camp Agudah. The State Police refused to get involved. You and your friends should stop spreading those lies. People love to lie. It's just disgusting.


It's a shame that community leaders throughout the world shy away from announcing or denouncing this type of behavior. Perhaps, we should send Chris Hanson from Dateline NBC's To Catch A Predator. There is no excuse for this type of behavior. It happens throughout the US and the world. It crosses race, ethnicity, gender, etc. An individual should be put to shame for the type of despicable behavior. It's a huge problem. Important people are glorified by the way they appear to live their life. A beard seems to glorify all that as well. Boro Park and other Jewish communities are safe havens for the sexual predators. The predators know it. They hide behind the rav who may disavow the civil court system. Perhaps, it's not shayich, because he goes to shul three times a day and has a chavrusa before shachris and after maariv. This is worse than assimilation. This is malice.


When I saw this picture I almost fell of my chair. I had the same thing with this perv 4 years ago, I was standing in Shomer Shabbos between the benches & he sqeezed through me rubbing his hands over me........ I thought it was weird but moved on.. Now I understand what he was doing... This guy is sick!!!


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