Sunday, September 30, 2007

Police could have handled this problem better

Acting Teaneck Police Chief Fred Ahearn said about a half-dozen Thomas Jefferson students got summonses for jaywalking. He declined to discuss the details in the case of the girl placed under arrest.

Police say the crackdown, done at the request of the school principal, was successful. They say kids will stick to the sidewalks of Hartwell Street, where frazzled residents have complained about their litter and conduct. That's successful?

With all the frankness and anger that came out at the meeting Wednesday, the police may have better insights into black parents' allegations that their kids were singled out. Claiming instances of selective enforcement in the issuance of jaywalking summonses, several speakers cited Orthodox Jews frequently walking Teaneck streets in large groups, crossing streets and slowing driving on the Sabbath to a crawl.

Police denied showing favoritism or targeting African-American children. Ahearn and a traffic division officer, Lt. Robert Carney, said the middle school was not singled out: Teaneck High School students got a few summonses, too.

"I don't know what race was brought back to the school," Ahearn added. "We don't enforce the law by race, religion, creed or ethnicity." The denials fell on deaf ears.

Police explained their heavy-handed ticketing tactics at Thomas Jefferson as protecting the children. Acting in the spirit of the maxim, "It takes a village to raise a child," parents, police, preachers and educators work together to instill the village's values.



Saturday, September 29, 2007

Rabbis propose another 'Ban' for the oilem

Since the ban by the Rabbonim against Simchas Beis HaShoeva has not been very successful, a new more useful ban has been proposed for the oilem.


Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Chag Sameach

An open letter from a Lubavitcher Chossid in regard to the Simchas Beis HaShoeva ban


As a Chabad chossid myself, I am embarrassed that Chabad seems to be ignoring again, as usual, the opinions of the non-Chabad rabbonim.

Why do we forget that we are fellow Jews who should follow the recommendations and rulings of the gedoilim, and not act so 'above it all' ignoring their rulings.

We preach being modest, and we act stuck up. To be 'in your fact' defying the rulings of gedoilim, just because they are not Lubavitch is separating ourselves from klall Yisroel.

We need to learn to respect other opinions and rulings, and not making light of the words of today's gedoilim just because they are not Chabad.

Maybe it all started when some ignorant Chabad 'chassidim' started saying 'we are the only Real Chassdus' and all the rest are not real Chassidim.

That horribly insulting concept, shows the ignorance and blinded attitudes of our current leaders who allow this kind of thinking to proliferate.

We are Chassidim, yes. We are Chassdim of a Rebbe who was a great godol and tzaddik. However, there are dozens of other Chassidisher Rebbes and Rabbonim today whose words we must not make light of.

We also must stop talking about the Rebbe as if he was the leader of all Klall Yisroel. While he was alive, he was 'one of many' gedoilim, and certainly did not represent the majority.

To keep repeating this shtus is to continue to insult the Chareidi world.

When are we going to show the ahavas Yisroel that we preach?

Are not other Chareidim as important as thost whom we approach for mivtzaim?

We continuously slap other Chareidim, yirai shamayim, in the face, ignoring them as though they are meaningless.... maybe it is because we do not currently have a leader. Our Rebbe, Olov Hasholom, was niftar, and we are without leadership.

I cannot believe that the Rebbe would condone this current haughty attitude of ours. And... if you would succeed to convince me that he would, I would leave Chabad, for that is wrong.

Chabad is not the only acceptable form of Yiddishkeit.

Chabad is NOT the only true chassidus.

Satmar, Munkacs, Ger, Bobov, Skvere, Kloisenberger, Skolen, and many others are also TRUE CHASSIDIM, and TRUE CHASSIDUS.

If a godol disagrees with Chabad, is does not mean he is a misnaged.

We keep showing everyone how great we are by how many people we drag into our Chabad Houses, and how many Chabad Houses we build all over the US, etc., ... But we never stop and praise these other Chassidim for the Tzdaka and Chessed they are doing that is beyond any in the history of Yidishkeit, or for the wonderful Yeshivois and Moisdois they build, and for the amazing kehillois of theirs that are thriving and growing beyond imagination.

We are not the only ones doing wonders... look around us!

We put these wonderful Chassidim down with snide comments, and ignorant remarks. That is horrible and bad enough. But this increased ignoring of their rulings is abominable.

I am deeply ashamed these days to be a Lubavitcher Chossid.

Okay... I will not get off my soap box.

Let us all.... ALL Chassidim, those with 'down hats' and those with Shtreimlech, all respect each other and every admire and recognize each others rulings.

Les us all enjoy the Sukkos Yom Tov and have a G'Mar Toiv.

One Lubo who does not spit at other Chassidim, Chassidishe Rebbes, and Gedoilim

Chabad to hold Simchas Beis HaShoeva despite rabbinic ban

The Chabad movement has come under fire in posters in Jerusalem's ultra-Orthodox areas for its intention to hold the "water-drawing festival" after the first day of the Sukkot holiday ends tomorrow night. The festival, recalling an ancient custom, is held every year with thousands of participants during the interim days of Sukkot. However this year, extremely strict non-Hasidic rabbis have warned against what they call the danger of "lewdness" during the festivities. They have banned all celebrations except those taking place indoors, to insure the strict separation of men and women.

This ban comes after non-Hasidic rabbis prohibited their followers from attending concerts and shows ("sing-alongs" as they called them) during the summer, even where men and women were separated. The latest ban has led the municipality of Bnai Brak, which has a large Orthodox population, to cancel its public water-drawing festivities.

The ultra-Orthodox religious court in Jerusalem has joined the ban, and also instructed any celebrations to end by 12:30 A.M. The religious court has also instructed men and women to walk on separate sides of the street to and from the celebrations.

Chabad's decision to hold the public celebrations in its neighborhoods is seen as a challenge to the ultra-Orthodox hard-liners. Defenders of the so-called "sanctity and education guard" have pressured Chabad to cancel the festivities, but the Chabad court ruled this week that the events would take place as usual.

Members of the extremist Neturei Karta sect will reportedly hold a protest outside the Chabad neighborhood during the celebration.

A spokesman for Tzeirei Chabad, the Chabad youth organization, told Haaretz "We are not opposing the rabbis and are not holding any shows. We have brought to the attention of the Torah sages that for us this is not just a street event, but one that has gone on for years and has value. There is value in holding the events in public. It is not just for the ultra-Orthodox public, but for the wider public, and men and women will remain separate."



Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Jewish rabbis meet Ahmadinejad in New York

The senior Jewish rabbi welcomed the Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and called the meeting an extraordinary good fortune for the Jewish rabbis.

The senior Jewish rabbi said the memory of this meeting would never fade, adding that the Iranian President understands the Jews, and makes a distinction between the violent actions of the Zionists and Jewish religious belief which is of great importance for us.

President Ahmadinejad also expressed his delight at the meeting, saying, "All prophets share one mission, that is, the guidance of mankind. Today people of the world have come to realize the fact that Judaism is different from Zionism. Jews are followers of Moses and Zionists are seeking political opportunities."

The rabbis offered a silver cup to Iran's President in commemoration of Ahmadinejad's friendship toward the Jewish community.



Monday, September 24, 2007

Bobov discovers democracy

This is an election in every sense of the word. There is a voter's registry with a list of those eligible to vote; voters must present valid identification; the contenders are waging a fierce campaign; and the tension between the opposing camps is palpable. What makes this election unprecedented is the identity of the contenders: This election will determine which of two rabbinic leaders of the Bobov Hasidic sect has the most support among Bobov Hasidim.

The elections, which began about a week ago and are expected to continue for another few days, were forced on Bobov Hasidim by a rabbinic court in response to a suit brought by several followers of Rabbi Unger against Rabbi Ben Zion Halberstam. In accordance with Jewish law, rabbinic judges were chosen by mutual consent to determine which of the two rabbis would bear the exclusive title of Admor of Bobov, or leader of the sect.

In order to prevent members of other Hasidic sects from voting, election organizers established a registry of eligible voters. "It's a very precise list," one Hasid remarked. But the number of names on the list remains a secret.

Instead of a ballot, voters are asked to respond to a questionnaire prepared by the rabbinic court. The questionnaire, written in Yiddish, contains eight questions phrased as demands. For example, "I demand that the authority of the Bobov Hasidic court's rabbinic leadership rest with..." The voter then marks the empty square next to the name of the preferred rabbi, Rabbi Halberstam or Rabbi Unger.

Voters are also asked to respond to the following question: "If my side is granted the authority and the other side's rabbinic leader splits from the Hasidic court to establish his own community, I demand one of the following: That the other side not be entitled to use the name Bobov, even as a name that accompanies another title, or that the other side be entitled to be called 'Bobov,' but only on condition that it adds a modifying name to that title."


Shomer Shabbos Shamos Hillel Moses slams it in to Boneh Olam

According to a mispallel at the Shomer Shabbos Shul in Boro-Park, their 24/7 Shamos Hillel Moses, had a hard time containing himself. Hillel, who is lovingly known by anyone who has ever set foot in Shomer Shabbos, was in the midst of emptying the pushkas in the Shul as he does every day, when he came upon the Boneh Olam pushka which was literally overflowing with money. The source says, "Hillel lost it. He grabbed a cell phone and called Boneh Olam, yelling and screaming at them at the top of his lungs for leaving the pushka with hundreds of dollars in it, putting it at risk of being broken into." The source says further, "He told them that they were behaving completely irresponsible with other peoples' money that they had donated to them. He told them that they should either empty the pushka immediately or it would be taken down."

Attention Boneh Olam:
The tzedakah that people put into your pushka is meant for the couples that need it, not for some crook that may steal it.
Empty your pushka before someone else does!


Sunday, September 23, 2007

Shimon Peres the sheretz, falls asleep during a live interview

Michael Savage: ALL Orthodox Jews own guns


Saturday, September 22, 2007

Two Yidden in Erev Yom Kippur accident leave their cars and chap a Kol Nidrei

Erev Yom Kippur, about ten minutes after the z'man, two Yidden that were rushing with their cars to Shul for Kol Nidrei smashed into each other. Each man got out of his vehicle, looked at his damage, then at the damage to the other car and then at his watch. Seeing that it was almost Shkiah, they each parked their car, wished each other a G'mar Chasimah Toiva and made up to settle it after Yom Kippur. Police and ambulances arrived, but there was no one to be found at the scene. A crowd of Mexicans gathered at the scene of the accident and looked on in confusion and awe. They were dumbfounded and amazed at how two people that had just smashed each other up but good, could just look at each, wish each other well and trust each other to settle it at another time.


Friday, September 21, 2007

A Gemar Chasima Toiva

This Shul asks the women NOT to wear a sheitel

Sent in by a reader.


Thursday, September 20, 2007

Williamsburg drive-by

Say what?!


Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Harassment Yingerman in big trouble

According to inside sources, the Yingerman that was accused of harassing a Mexican worker is in for a long and expensive haul. Our sources tell us that the Mexican worker that is falsely accusing the Yingerman is being represented pro-bono by the Mexican Alliance. The Mexican Alliance has said that they are prepared to go to any length to make their case against the Yimgerman. Lawyers for the Yingerman are asking over $100,000 up front to take his case.

Yosef Karduner - Lo L'hitya'esh


Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Noach Dear wins Civil Court Judge Primary

In the Civil Court race from Brooklyn’s Fifth District, Noach Dear defeated Karen Yellen. It broke a losing streak for Dear, who has become a kind of perennial (and perennially unsuccessful) candidate since term limits forced him from City Council in 2001. And it proved endorsements do not always count for much. Legal groups and newspapers found Dear unqualified to serve on the bench. He got almost 60 percent of the vote anyway.

In other unrelated news, thousands are flocking to Beis Din to have their civil cases heard.


Kaparah centers beware

PETA is currently going around with cameras and photographing people doing kaporas.

It's in your hands now

Political endorsement reminder


Monday, September 17, 2007

Vote in the $30,000 office equipment contest for Chabad of Peoria, Illinois

Chabad of Peoria thanks you for your support thus far and asks you to please cast your vote in the “Make My Non-Profit Run Better” contest for a chance to win an office technology makeover from RK Dixon. Thanks to your help, Chabad of Peoria is one of the top five finalists, and one step closer to winning new office and network equipment valued at $30,000! The runner up will receive a makeover valued at $15,000!

Chabd of Peoria couldn’t have done it without your support. But in the second round, the first round votes are cleared. In order to win, Chabad of Peoria needs your help in voting again.

Go to www.rkdixon.com and cast one vote each day for Chabad of Peoria. Voting begins Sept. 17 and ends Sept. 24. We need this makeover to help us run better.

You are allowed to vote again every 24 hours.

Go to the page to vote for Chabad of Peoria

Please Note:
If there are multiple users at one computer, each person can vote by clearing the cookies and voting.

Video of the inside of Masbia


Sunday, September 16, 2007

Because we understand you and know that Frum people need bank access 24/7


Saturday, September 15, 2007

66th Precinct Police harasses Hasidim

As if it were too much to ask to have some extra Police protection in the Yiddishe Boro-Park neighborhood over Rosh Hashanah without getting harassed because of it. While patrolling the streets in Boro-Park, Police Officers from the 66th Precinct made it their business to make sure that the empty gutters stayed empty. Since the streets are almost completely empty on Shabbos and Yom Tov in Boro-Park, it has become a common practice that Chasidim with their large families walk in the gutter as not to block the entire street. However this Yom Tov Police were patrolling the streets and making sure to chase the Chasidim off the gutters and onto the sidewalk. "Hey, get off the street! Get onto the sidewalk!", was shouted at Chasidim from the Police loudspeakers. It makes you wonder if it's really worth having them patrol the neighborhood.

NYC rabbi facing new charges of abuse

A rabbi of an all-boys Orthodox school who has been charged with sexually abusing two students is accused of fondling a third.

Rabbi Yehuda Kolko faced a Brooklyn judge Wednesday on new charges of sex abuse and child endangerment. He is accused of molesting a first-grader in 2005 at the Yeshiva-Mesivta Torah Temimah, where he worked for several years.

Kolko's attorney, calling the case against his client weak, said the charges stemmed from an angry student who had it in for the 61-year-old rabbi. The attorney also criticized the high bail set by the judge, $50,000 bond or $25,000 cash.

The rabbi's wife posted the cash bail and Kolko was released Wednesday.

Kolko had already been free on $5,000 bail, awaiting trial on charges he sexually abused two young students, one decades ago and one more recently.


Arrest made for harassing calls in Kiryas Joel

State police arrested a Kiryas Joel man yesterday accused of threatening a Hasidic couple whose cars were vandalized because the wife was deemed to dress too immodestly.

Troopers charged Herman Ezriel, 33, with aggravated harassment, a misdemeanor. He allegedly harassed the couple by phone after reading a newspaper article detailing the attack on their cars. Sgt. Warner Hein said police have no evidence linking Ezriel to the vandalism, though the search for suspects continues.



Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A Shanah Tova message from the President

Security Increased at Synagogues for Holiday

Synagogues around the New York metro area are preparing for Rosh Hashanah -- the Jewish New Year - which begins at sundown Wednesday -- and the next 10 day period of reflection that ends with Yom Kippur. However, part of the preparations are discussions with law enforcement about security at houses or worship -- during high profile holidays.

Nassau County Police will hold a news conference Wednesday at the Congregation Young Israel in Hewlett today to explain security measures being taken around the county.

Rabbi Heshy Blumstein says the meeting today will also be a chance to thank police for the work they do. The rabbi says is congregation has 180 families and they hold extra services to accomodate everyone on Rosh Hashanah.



Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Police say burglars busted at the Pines

Police say they caught two local men in the act of burglarizing and vandalizing the former Pines Hotel yesterday.
The hotel has been plagued by vandals, squatters and the occasional suspicious fire for the past four years.
Fallsburg police were tipped off that some people had gone through the woods toward the hotel property late yesterday morning. At 11:45 a.m., cops say, they went in and found two men – Gregory Maddox, 37, and Joshua Whidbee, 30, both of South Fallsburg, stealing copper piping and other metal fixtures from the hotel’s main building. Police said Whidbee surrendered, but Maddox ran. He was caught after a brief foot chase along Laurel Avenue.
Both men were charged with third-degree burglary and criminal mischief, felonies; petty larceny and possession of burglar’s tools, misdemeanors; and unlawful possession of marijuana, a violation. Maddox was also charged with resisting arrest, a misdemeanor.
Both were arraigned and sent to Sullivan County Jail without bail, pending appearances in Fallsburg Town Court.



Monday, September 10, 2007

Hey, maybe the second time is the charm!

As the famous Jewish comedian Franky Man said after his second failed marriage and he had decided not to marry again, "I would rather want what I don't have than have what I don't want."


Sunday, September 09, 2007

Read the new Chaptzem article in the Country Yossi Family Magazine

Make sure to pick up your free copy of the Country Yossi Family Magazine and read the brand new original article 'Normal' written by Chaptzem, the only Heimishe blogger to make the transition from cyberspace to print.

Whitewashing your sins Kiryas Yoel style


Saturday, September 08, 2007

Esrog store in Boro-Park gets delivery on Shabbos

Picture taken after Shabbos

An esrog store on New Utrecht Avenue corner 54th Street received a truckload of esrogim on Shabbos afternoon. The truck, loaded with boxes of esrogim, arrived in front of the store on Shabbos, the workers then waited around until it was dark and then started unloading the boxes. Once it was already after Shabbos the owner of the esrog store showed up and opened the store for them to place the boxes inside.

Please Note:
This should in no way be misconstrued as a P'sak Halachah on the status of the esrogim. A Rav and the owner of the esrogim store should be consulted before purchasing these esrogim.

Jewish family fights to keep their 4-year-old on life support

The devout Jewish family of a brain dead 4-year-old girl insist on keeping her on life support, but doctor's say Florida law will not allow them.

Aliza Schwab has been on life support at Jackson Memorial Hospital for about two weeks since a near drowning in her family's pool. Several doctors have declared the little one brain dead, and claim that, by Florida law, the girl has to be taken off life support. "She's my daughter and I love her, and I'll do anything I can to keep her here with me, even if I have to go the farthest mile for it. Whatever it is, I'm willing to do it for her," said Esther Schwab, the girl's mother.

Holtz Children's Hospital released a statement standing behind their care: "Our hearts go out to the Schwab family during this very difficult time. As always, Holtz Children's Hospital is committed to providing the highest quality medical care possible to all patients who enter our doors. The medical staff at Holtz, along with the pediatric bioethics committee, has been working with and informing the Schwab family on every aspect of the care delivered to their child."

The family refuses to abide that law and says that their religious beliefs dictate that for as long as the young girl has a heartbeat, she still has a life worth holding on to. "All the parents are asking for is the possibility to hope and the opportunity to have that hope actualized in trying to keep Aliza alive," said Menachem Mayberg, the family's attorney.

The family is now making a public plea to anyone or any facility that would like to help keep Schwab on life support under their medical vigilance to please contact their attorney.



Friday, September 07, 2007

Yingerman will spend Shabbos with his family after posting $5,000 bail

A Boro-Park Yingerman that is in the food business will be spending Shabbos with his family, at least for this week, after he posted $5,000 in bail. While at work, the Yingerman noticed two Police Officers, a lawyer and a Hispanic woman, a former employee of his, standing outside his place of business looking for him. The Yingerman stepped outside of his store to see what they wanted and was handcuffed by the Police. He was then put into the car and taken in to be processed criminally for harassment against the former employee. The Yingerman was put through the system. He managed to post the $5,000 bail that was set for him and is at home now.

Kiryas Joel vandals attack car because of how woman dresses

A native of this Satmar Hasidic village, Toby Greenberg is not unfamiliar with the strict mores of her ultra-Orthodox community.

But she never expected to be persecuted for choosing to dress slightly differently.

Unlike most Kiryas Joel women, who wear long, dark dresses or skirts and simple blouses in public, Greenberg, 25, wears colorful shirts, wigs and denim skirts.

And that, in the eyes of a clandestine group of inquisitors, constitutes immoral behavior.

Greenberg and her husband, Yoel, awoke Tuesday morning to find the tires of their silver Chevy Impala slashed and white oil-based paint splashed on their new, black Mazda CX-7.

Written in white paint on the Mazda were Hebrew words that Greenberg interpreted in English as "get out" and "defiled person."

State police Sgt. Warner Hein said troopers are treating the incident as criminal mischief and are interviewing residents for potential leads.

Troopers are also investigating another incident that occurred about a month ago, in which fliers slandering Greenberg were thrown on Kiryas Joel's streets.

Just before this week's vandalism, Greenberg and her husband received several letters — one was hand-delivered by a Hasidic man.

The man told them that he and 24 other men have decided that the couple should leave Kiryas Joel immediately.

"He had a lot of guts coming up here in person," Yoel said.

Kiryas Joel, a village in the Town of Monroe, is populated by about 20,000 observant Satmar Hasidic Jews.

Kiryas Joel residents hold fast to strict customs considered by many other Hasidim as outdated or archaic.

The Greenbergs said they do not believe that their persecutors are representative of Kiryas Joel, but are rather a fringe group of radicals who have taken it upon themselves to make an example of them.

The couple at first suspected the attacks to be the work of Vaad Hatznius, the equivalent of a morality police group in the village.

But when Toby's family confronted members of the group, they denied responsibility for the acts, she said.

Still, Vaad Hatznius has been suspected of acting through other agents of the community to achieve its ends, she said.

Speaking with a reporter yesterday, Toby wore a bright pink Tommy Hilfiger long-sleeved shirt, a denim skirt with ruffles at the knees and a wig with a copper tint.

Yoel, who works in construction, stood by her, as their 1-year-old daughter, Zlaty, played.

The couple at first thought about ignoring the threats, but changed their minds after their cars were vandalized.

"I want these people arrested," Toby said.

"I want them to pay for my damaged property and to pay for what they are putting my family through."

Professor Sam Heilman, an expert in Hasidic culture at the City University of New York, said Toby Greenberg's plight is not unusual given Kiryas Joel's suspiciousness of change, no matter how slight.

"The whole image she is projecting with her clothing is that of someone who's at home in the modern world, and there are many who are afraid of that in Kiryas Joel," he said.

An earlier warning to the woman


Yoshke Yeshivah at Avenue J and Coney Island av. in Faltbush

Which Bocherim go to this Yeshivah?

Thanks Eli for the pic.


Thursday, September 06, 2007

Fatal train accident in Crown Heights

A 34 year-old Crown Heights Bocher was killed when he was hit by a train at the Kingston Avenue and Eastern Parkway train station. Community leaders are currently in discussion with the mechanchim of the mesivtah about educating them and the Yeshivah students on being aware of signs of depression and suicidal tendencies in other students.


Wednesday, September 05, 2007

NYC Bar disapproves Noach Dear for Civil Court Judge

The New York City Bar Association has officially disapproved of Noach Dear as a candidate for Civil Court Judge. The Committee on the Judiciary of the Bar Association determines whether a candidate possesses the requisite qualifications for judicial office based on criteria such as integrity, impartiality, intellectual ability, knowledge of the law, industriousness, and judicial demeanor and temperament. According to the Bar Association the reason for approving Karen Yellen instead of Noach Dear was because, “by reason of the candidate’s failure to affirmatively demonstrate that he possesses the requisite qualifications for the court for which he is a candidate.”

Better luck next time!

VOTE Noach for G.O.!

Bobovs hold open meetings to discuss voting situation

Both Bobovs have held their open forum meetings about the voting, 45th st. on Monday and 48th st. on Tuesday. The meetings were meant to discus the new idea that was proposed by the Tartikover Beis Din to vote on who should be the Grand Rebbe of the real Bobov and on many other monetary as well as organizational topics. One of the main concerns brought up at the meetings were that many people feared voting for either side because of the consequences that may arise. Some of the concerns were that people that are employed by the other side or are married to women from the other or that are receiving support from parents or in-laws that are from the other side may see an end to their jobs, marriage or support if they voted for the wrong side.


Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Shomer Shabbos Shul in Boro-Park may face multi-million dollar lawsuit by molest victims

According to sources that spend substantial time in the Shomer Shabbos minyan factory Shul in Boro-Park, Yechiel Brauner is still touching kids in places where nobody should. According to the sources, which are keeping a close eye on convicted child molester Yechiel Brauner, who frequents the Shul, the molesetr's routine works like this; he enters the Shul when it is very busy. He then walks around until he has found himself a comfortable spot at a crowded doorway or thoroughway. He then proceeds to stand there with his arm extended downward, all the while feeling-up unsuspecting children as they pass by.

Why he is still allowed into Shomer Shabbos, or any Shul for that matter, being that he is a known convicted sex offender is beyond comprehension. The excuse that he has been rehabilitated is obviously defunct by now, because he is still molesting children every single day.

According to an expert lawyer that we consulted with in the matter, Congregation Shomer Shabbos is placing themself in the position of possibly facing a multi-million dollar lawsuit in the event that a molestee, or multiple molestees, should file suit. All parties involved in the Shul have been informed numerous times as to the situation with Brauner and have not done anything to protect their congregants or to bar him from entering the Shul, thus making the Shul and its leaders equally responsible for his actions.

Remember when someone, or many someones, decide to prosecute and sue, there may not be a Shomer Shabbos Shul left afterwards.


Monday, September 03, 2007

Yom Kippur On DVD

A Beverly Hills synagogue that counts many Hollywood stars as members and supporters including the parents of Ben Stiller as well as Angelina Jolie’s father Jon Voight, has released a Yom Kippur DVD that is being offered for free to anyone who has difficulty attending High Holiday services.

The Creative Arts Temple DVD is aimed at the elderly, disabled and anyone who cannot attend due to mobility problems and features a special 48-minute Kol Nidre service with a number of celebrities taking part.

“My wife and I came up with the DVD concept last year, when one of our dearest congregants who had never missed a Kol Nidre service in his life, suddenly went into hospital. We decided to tape our service and bring it to him,” explains Rabbi Jerry Cutler. “With our cache of congregants in the entertainment industry, we quickly had many volunteers offer to tape and edit the service for us.”

According to Creative Arts Temple president Larry Crestol once everyone saw the DVD, they felt it would be an opportunity for others to also benefit from it. “The end product is so beautiful. We immediately said to ourselves that we have to share this with others who are homebound or in hospital.”

Among those involved in the project are comedian and actor Ben Stiller’s parents Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara as well as Angelina Jolie’s father Jon Voight, who despite not being Jewish is a keen and active supporter of Jewish causes.

“Jon Voight is not Jewish but loves Israel and the Jewish people. When you see him speak to the Creative Arts Temple congregation on the DVD, it brings tears to your eyes,” added a Creative Arts Temple spokeswoman.


Police arrest two vandals for scrawling Swastikas on Synagogue

Long Island Police charged John Rocissano, 20, and Matthew Felicetti, 17, both of Manhasset, with vandalizing the Reconstructionist Synagogue in Plandome Saturday when the two were caught spray painting Swastikas, Jewish slurs and other anti-Semitic graffiti on the building, as well as on a school bus parked at Roslyn High School and a Roslyn Estates home.

The two vandals were to be arraigned Sunday on several counts of aggravated harassment and criminal mischief.

Rabbi Lee Friedlander told reporters, "This was an act against Jews, but it could be an act against people of color, or people who are gay." The Rabbi said it was the first time anyone had vandalized the Synagogue with anti-Semitic graffiti.

Police said some of the Synagogue's windows were also busted and that the owner of the home in Roslyn found three Swastikas spray painted on his front door.



Sunday, September 02, 2007

Sullivan County Sheriff parks in fire lane


Saturday, September 01, 2007

YouTube's nasty Nazi videos

According to a report by broadcaster ARD, anti-Jewish propaganda from the Third Reich and music by the banned neo-Nazi group Landser can be viewed unhindered on YouTube.

Such material is illegal in Germany. The report said some of the material had been online for several months. The federal Ministry of the Interior has recommended filing charges.

German officials reportedly have warned YouTube more than 100 times to remove the material but without a response.

The vice president of the German Jewish council, Salomon Korn, has asked that Chancellor Angela Merkel and the Justice Ministry intervene to stop the online publication of offending video clips.

YouTube, which is owned by Google, is based in California and thus beyond Germany's legal reach. But German officials could come down harder on Web companies with operations in Germany.



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