Friday, February 29, 2008

Nursery class approved by Rabbanim 

Are these the same Rabbanim that banned the concert?


Cancellation of 'Big Event' becomes a big event 

It was going to be the biggest night of Lipa Shmeltzer's musical career.

The venue was reserved months in advance, thousands of tickets were sold, and hundreds of thousands of dollars had been funneled into organizing what would have been the largest haredi music performance yet.

The "Big Event," scheduled to take place on March 9 was to feature the popular haredi performer live at Madison Square Gardens singing hits from albums such as "Gam Zu Letovah" (This, too, is for the best) or the more recent "Lipa Baderech" (Lipa on the way).

Shmeltzer's albums have gained tremendous popularity within the American Hasidic community due in part to his innovations in fusing traditional Hasidic music with contemporary music styles. But for that very reason his
music has also been criticized and rejected by more conservative elements in the community. Some say he relies too much on the outside world for inspiration, others suggest his music pokes fun at haredi life. But above all haredim are fundamentally suspicious of entertainment for its own sake, because it goes against the very essence of what it means to be haredi.

Rabbis were consulted, and preparations were made to ensure the event was "kosher." Attendees were guaranteed exclusively separate seating for men and women. And the intermission was nixed to avoid unwanted mingling between the sexes.

But despite these precautions, just weeks before the event, two community leaders who oppose this kind of entertainment, Asher Friedman and Avraham
Shor began circulating a petition to ban the event for "lightheartedness" and "immorality." In the end 33 rabbis stunned the public with an announcement, published Feb. 20 in the religious daily Hamodia, prohibiting the concert.



Thursday, February 28, 2008

Woman Arrested after Allegedly Robbing Bank then Returning the Money 

Police have arrested a woman who they say robbed a bank in Brooklyn and then returned the money a week later.

The woman allegedly walked into the North Fork Branch bank on New Utrecht Avenue in Bensonhurst shortly after 4:00 p.m. Thursday handing the teller an envelope before running out the door.

Police say there was money inside the envelope with a note apologizing and expressing remorse for robbing the bank last Friday.

Four hours after the money was returned police arrested the woman at her home.


BEWARE - Deceptive marketing practices by Elite Chocolate 

Beware of the new 'AIRY' chocolate being produced by Elite. The chocolate is Pareve and is not made with milk as it may seem to a consumer that does not concentrate on the label and may mistake 'AIRY' for 'DAIRY'. Also, the new 'airy' chocolate is whipped so that it is full of air bubbles and weighs about half as much as a regular bar of chocolate.


Beheading - BP style! 



Wednesday, February 27, 2008



Singing Lipa's praises for the end of Lipa 



A friendly game of kourten 

What? No ban?


Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The terrorists have won! 



And ban this! 

Haazinu concert


Boro-Park neighborhood organization peeved at new Maimonides building 



Monday, February 25, 2008

Hust Gelt?! 

Check out the new and improved nyBigEvent.com


Ban this! 

The only concert featuring Lipa and a singer arrested for child drugging and rape, oh and the tzaddik Ghingis MBD.


The making of a Kol Koreh 

It has been said that there are two things that should not be watched how they are made; sausages and laws. The same rule goes for Kol Korehs. This is exactly how they are done from beginning to end.

First, some Yingerman, who never earned a dime in his life nor ever opened a sefer, has an idea come to him on his way to Kollel from Minkatch after Shachris at 2pm. He mulls this idea over in his head and looks for an angle how to make the biggest stink with his idea. The more people he can inconvenience the more attention and success his proposal can have. He then goes to his local group of fellow leidigeiers and pitches the idea. Gevaldig! They all scream in unison. They now have what to do for weeks.

So, they now go home to their brand new internet equipped computers start up the 'ol MS Word and start typing up a nissuch. The more times the word z'nus is used, the better it will look.

Now comes the fun part. The Rabbanim hopping. The technique can be a bit tricky but this is how it goes. You go to the first Rav and lie through your teeth about how horrible the transgression is. You make sure to fabricate as many issur d'oireisas that people may be oiver there. Then when the Rav thinks about signing it or not. You lie to him in your most persuasive voice and tell him how many other Rabbanim have signed it already. Then this Rav has no choice. How would it look that he was the only one not signing? Who would he be then? So, sight unseen he signs the Kol Koreh.

The leidigeiers follow this pattern another twenty to thirty times and poof, you have a Kol Koreh.

Now please don't vomit.


Sunday, February 24, 2008

Out of the Inbox - How the rabbanim can win back the respect of the people 

Sent in by a Chaptzem reader

Chaptzem, the last item on your ten kosher activities list touched on something very true and real for me. I am a melamed in a chasidishe yeshiva and am at the end of my rope with watching what goes on there and in my chasides. Yeah, the concert is usser and everyone will attend anyway. It's time the rabbunim stop signing stupid useless bans and start doing something for their followers. If the rabbunim want to establish themselves as a real force of leadership they have to start working on matters that mean something. If the rabbunim want to accomplish something they can take a first step by coming out publicly against all the child molesters in our community. They can stop collecting money for their bail and trials and start putting them away for good. Banning a concert for no other reason than to get publicity does nothing for the many innocent frimme kids that get fondled by frim adults that the rabbunim know about.


Saturday, February 23, 2008

Ten activities not assered, as of now, by the Rabbanim 

1. Smashing storefronts
2. Obsessing over bugs
3. Shuttling your children around while your wife works
4. Krechtzing
5. Kratzing
6. Eating chulent
7. Fighting with your siblings in court over a Rabbistive
8. Sending out Yeshivah Bochrim who should be learning, to schnor for the Rabbanim
9. Staring, especially in the Mikvah
10. Molesting children


Friday, February 22, 2008

A Hasid just chillin' 


Rabbanim reject claims of forged signatures 


Dicci caves in to zealot pressure 

Dicci breaks under the pressure of the zealot's who's wives can't hold themselves back from shopping there and puts up shades on their glass doors. As another step towards a more tzniusdig store Dicci is considering some new suggestions by the zealots, such as putting in their windows male mannequins wearing their dresses.


Thursday, February 21, 2008

Letter against fake bans being circulated in Boro-Park 

This letter was thrown out across Boro-Park today calling the previous ban by Rabbanim against the Big Event concert a fake.
Now will the real pashkeville please stand up!


Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Kristalnacht 1938 - Look familiar? 



Hamodia prints Kol Koreh against the Big Event 

According to this Kol Koreh against the Big Event which was printed in the Hamodia, Shloime Gertner has pulled out and has agreed not to perform at the concert.


Dicci Middle East or how the Boro-Park zealots would like it to look 


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Pashkeville against Dicci clothing store in Boro-Park 


Monday, February 18, 2008

Lipa-Gertner Big Event films commercial video without subject's consent 

The Big Event Lipa-Gertner concert is running a strong internet campaign to get people to show up. There is a special web-site set up for the event and those funny rip-off parody video commercials. However, what the Big Event videos fail to tell you is that not everyone featured on the video has consented to be filmed and broadcast all over the internet. As a matter of fact, one person that was featured in the video told a source that he was completely unaware that he had even been filmed, let alone plastered all over the net, and was shocked to find out about it. While such commercials are innovative and creative and help to market an event where some of the profits go to Tzedakah, nevertheless, great care must be taken that peoples' privacy is protected and not exploited and abused.



THE largest fund-raiser for Christine Quinn's mayoral campaign is an Orthodox Jewish singer who helped collect $53,850 from fellow observant Jews who supposedly don't support gay politicians.

Campaign filings show that Brooklyn-based Shloime Dachs led all other "intermediaries" who rounded up funds for Quinn, the first openly gay City Council speaker.

Many of the 29 contributors are affiliated with organizations - including Agudath Israel and the Ohel Children's Home and Family Services - that receive funding from the council.

Seven of the contributors also wrote checks to the other leading Democratic mayoral contenders, Comptroller Bill Thompson and Rep. Anthony Weiner.

Marvin Hellman, who operates his own real-estate management firm, said he chipped in $1,500 for Quinn because "I'm a friend of Shloime Dachs."

Despite his religious leanings, Hellman said he was not concerned about Quinn's sexual orientation.

"That's not an issue for me," he said.

Asked why he also gave $1,000 to Thompson and $2,000 to Weiner, Hellman said, "I'm politically active."

Dachs didn't return several calls about a fund-raiser Nov. 7 held in his home, which Quinn attended.

But Councilman Simcha Felder, also an Orthodox Jew, readily admitted he was behind the event.

"I am delighted to say I arranged this fund-raiser and was delighted to encourage people in my district and beyond to support the speaker, who is doing a wonderful job for the city," he said.

But Felder (D-Brooklyn) stopped short of endorsing Quinn for mayor. "Not at this time," he said.

An executive at one Jewish nonprofit defended the contributions by the orthodox.

"Why should they be any different than the cultural institutions or anyone else?" the exec said. "When it comes to the budget, she's the second most powerful official in the city."



Pictures of the Giants big-shot Tefilin extravaganza 

Here are the pictures of Rabbi Yisroel Shemtov putting Tefilin on the Giants big-shots before a game which the underdog Giants won and continued winning since.



Sunday, February 17, 2008

Gift of Life responds to privacy breach 

Gift of Life has contacted us addressing our readers' concern of privacy for potential marrow donors.

Gift of Life told us that they have a very strict confidentiality policy in place that every employee must sign. In addition they said that all employees must undergo annual confidentiality trainings to assure that the most stringent standards are kept intact.

Gift of Life further explained that the leak of personal information was the cause of an employee that went against company policy and took matters into her own hands to contact the marrow drive site, and that the drive site and not Gift of Life, were the ones that disseminated the information.

Gift of Life also pointed out that while the person's intentions were well meant, they nevertheless violated company privacy policies. They also said that the employee at fault has since received written warning and corrective action to place the employee on probation and to have her submit to privacy policy retraining.

Gift of Life reassured us that this topic was taken very seriously and an apology was issued on behalf of the organization.


This was handed out in Boro-Park 

Sent in by K


Saturday, February 16, 2008

This campaign slogan sounds very familiar 

So, where will you be? A the Big Event or the Pruzansky event?

Sent in by a Chaptzem reader


Friday, February 15, 2008

Grand rebbe issues new wedding laws and some quotes from Rachel Freier the female Hasidic lawyer 

A chief rabbi of the Satmar Hasidim has decreed new laws to cut down on the increasingly extravagant cost of weddings among Hasidic Jews in the United States and throughout the world.

Grand Rebbe Aaron Teitelbaum issued his new laws last month in a recording accessed by phone by many of the 100,000 Satmars around the world. More than 40,000 calls came in, many of them broadcast inside synagogues in the United States, Europe and Israel.

The guidelines, which regulate every aspect of the marriage process, from the arranged meetings of Satmar couples to the post-wedding celebrations, have an especially big impact for the Village of Kiryas Joel, the home of Teitelbaum's greatest number of followers.

Such decrees, known as "takanos," are embraced by Hasidic cultures that see them as effective means of addressing social ills, said Rachel Freier, a Hasidic attorney who works in Kiryas Joel. They usually follow grass-roots efforts to bring the problems of commoners to the clerical leadership's attention, she said.

"It's, 'Tell us, we need limitations to help us avoid problems,' " Freier said.

Keeping up with their Hasidic neighbors has never been harder these days, as rising expectations for weddings and other celebrations clash with the financial constraints of larger families.

The costs are particularly acute in Kiryas Joel, where family sizes have exploded.

The village grew by more than 50 percent to over 20,000 residents since 2000, the fastest-growing municipality in the state, according to recent U.S. Census data.

Teitelbaum issued a similar decree last year to contain the cost of bar mitzvahs.

"What used to be affordable many years ago is now not," Freier said. She declined to estimate the cost of Hasidic weddings because of the range of family incomes, as well as to avoid embarrassment for her culture, she said.

Kiryas Joel residents usually spend less on weddings than Hasidim living in Brooklyn, where Freier lives, she said.

The new decrees, among other things, limit food at the engagement celebration to light refreshments, such as soda and cookies; limit the number and cost of gifts that can be given to the bride and groom; and specify the manner in which wedding and subsequent banquets are held.

The rules might deal an economic blow to some businesses that supply the gifts and services associated with marriages, but they will likely come as a great sense of relief to everyone else, Freier said.

"It's, 'I don't have to buy the diamonds anymore, whew!' " she said.



Oorah's Kars-for-Kids is investigated again 

Oorah's multi-million dollar Kars-for-Kids operation is investigated once again and some people are nearly arrested for not letting the news reporter leave their property.

Click on the image to watch the video


Thursday, February 14, 2008

UPDATE - Bone Marrow Donor Found 

The following is an e-mail that we recieved about the missing bone marrow donor;


Looks like this email paid off. Thought I'd share this with you, as we have all been recipients of many request emails that we never hear results back about. Thanks to all who forwarded, and tizku lemitzvos.

Below is the e-mail from Kimberlie Marcial of Gift of Life;

From: Marcial, Kimberlie
Sent: Thursday, February 14, 2008 4:59 PM

This donor has been found, thank you again for your concern & help.

Kimberlie Marcial,

Donor Services Assistant

Gift of Life Bone Marrow Foundation

Tel: 1-800-962-7769 ext. 2935/Fax: 561-982-2901




Water line busts at Famous Pita 

Last night A water line located above Famous pita
suddenly burst sending water gushing into the
restaurant. The flow of water which was coming down faster than the
workers could collect it in garbage cans, pushed through
the Sheetrock ceiling.

Pics and story sent in by Ben


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

URGENT CALL - Help locate a missing bone marrow donor 

On February 28, 2002, Penn Hillel had a drive for the Gift of Life
Bone Marrow Foundation, and a person who participated in that drive is now a possible match for a 48-year-old male who is suffering from Acute Myelogenous Leukemia.

The Gift of Life is urgently trying to reach this person.

If you know how to reach this person, please contact Ms. Kimberlie
Marcial at kmarcial@giftoflife.org
or at 1-800-962-7769 ext. 2935.


Williamsburg Hasid to seek Yassky's Council seat 

A Williamsburg community activist who would be the first Hasidic Jew on the City Council if elected has decided to run for David Yassky's seat.

Isaac Abraham, a hardware store owner and tenants advocate, said he is responding to "very strong" pressure from friends, colleagues and community residents to seek the post Yassky must vacate in 2009 due to term limits.

"I honestly feel I have watched this community grow and be deprived of most of the services it should have gotten," said Abraham. "There are problems that should be addressed. Letters from elected officials say, 'We're looking into the matter.' That will not happen on my watch. If I win, I will make sure they are addressed and responded to and acted upon."

Abraham is the fourth candidate to announce plans to run for Yassky's seat. Evan Thies, a former Yassky staffer who is running for the seat, declined comment.

Jo Anne Simon, a lawyer and Democratic district leader from Boerum Hill, was out of the country and could not be reached. Steve Levin, chief of staff for Assemblyman and Borough Democratic Party chief Vito Lopez, could not be reached.

Yassky is running for city controller.

Besides Williamsburg, the 33rd Council District includes of Park Slope, Greenpoint, DUMBO, Cobble Hill, Brooklyn Heights and Boerum Hill.

Political consultant Hank Sheinkopf said it's too early to analyze whether Abraham has a chance of becoming the first Hasidic councilman. "The district includes Williamsburg but also has other diverse parts of the county," he said. "Twenty months out, he's a great candidate....Will the Hasids as a bloc vote for him?"

Sheinkopf said Abraham had at best "a 50-50" chance of taking the seat.

"He is not likely to win as a Hasidic candidate. He needs other portions of the population. It's a nice idea, but his presence will prove what little power they have," he said.



The Moshiach Mobile gets a love-tap 


Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Hasidic female lawyer Rachel Freier bridges the gaps 

Unbelievably, the only Hasidic female lawyer in Kiryas Joel manages to raise a family of eight children, be a wife, practice law, do Hasidic outreach and education and even bake Challahs for Shabbos. She also incidentally just made a Shidduch with her oldest son.
Mazel Tov!

Rachel Freier, a Hasidic woman, explains to a crowd Sunday evening at Congregation Eitz Chaim in Monroe that different sects of Hasidic men wear different hats. Freier, a lawyer, was there to help correct misconceptions people might have about Hasidic life in Kiryas Joel, where she lives.

Monroe — The questions came spontaneously:

Are arranged marriages between Hasidic couples happy ones?

Do the Hasidim allow their children to explore philosophical doctrines or cultures other than those taught to them by their community?

Do Hasidic residents think about global warming, or any other consequences of their explosive population growth?

The answers came just as honestly.

Yes, Hasidic marriages are happy for the most part, though there are rare instances of divorce, said Rachel Freier.

No, Hasidim do not believe in subjecting children to temptation, recognizing how frail humans are when it comes to sin, she said.

And, no, Hasidim do not think about global warming. The zeal with which they pursue their family life does not allow the luxury of planning, she told the audience of about two dozen people from the secular community gathered Sunday at Eitz Chaim Synagogue on Orange Turnpike.

It was an informal affair, part of the synagogue's regular forums arranged by its sisterhood. Freier brought articles of Hasidic culture, including clothing and headpieces. She brought pictures of her family, and spoke of her sons, especially the oldest — she just made arrangements for him to get married.

"It goes without saying that the couple must be in love," she said of arranged Hasidic unions.

Freier spoke of her background: wife and mother of eight children, Brooklyn native, lawyer. She is an anomaly in both the Hasidic and secular world: a professional Hasidic woman willing to reach out to non-Hasidim about her religion and culture.

She provided a rare chance for residents of Orange, Sullivan and Rockland counties to better understand the Hasidic neighbors in their midst.

The Hasidim have a very different view of temptation than the secular world, she explained to a man in the audience who implied that the Hasidic way of life was too stifling. She compared it to allowing a child to be on the Internet unsupervised.

"I don't know if anyone can completely avoid sin, can you?" she asked the audience.

Some Hasidim might act pushy or arrogant, but they do not define the culture, she told a man who complained of Hasidic developers and bungalow owners who ignored laws in his Sullivan County town

"I hear what you're saying, and it hurts me, because I know you're right," she said of some unscrupulous men. "They're giving the impression that this is the way all Hasids are, and it's not."



Van seized by NYC Marshalls in Boro-Park 



Monday, February 11, 2008

The beauty of Hasidism 

Clip sent in by Shmully R.


Sunday, February 10, 2008

Filling large gaping holes in the street - finally 



Saturday, February 09, 2008

Foreclosure duel for 'War of Roses' pair 

The feuding couple living in Brooklyn's infamous "War of the Roses" house is facing foreclosure on the building.

Two years ago, millionaire Simon Taub convinced a judge to let him divide the million dollar Borough Park brownstone in two so he wouldn't have to relinquish it to his wife, Chana.

"Over my dead body, this house she is not going to get," he vowed, after his wife kicked him out.

"I will fight for this house with nails and teeth. She will never have it," he said. "If she thinks she can stay, then she has to fight until she's 70."

The judge ordered the home be split by a Sheetrock wall.

But Chana Taub, who lives in her half with three college-aged children, retorted, "This is my home. I don't have any other house. Where will I go? He has other buildings.... Just because I want a divorce, I don't deserve to be punished."

A year ago, a Brooklyn jury refused Chana Taub's request for a divorce for "cruel and inhuman treatment."

Recently the warring couple - separated by orders of protection - was back in court, where Chana Taub begged the exasperated judge to enforce two orders from last year that her husband pay the mortgage on the brownstone.

But Supreme Court Judge Carolyn Demarest declined to enforce the order last week.

The millionaire sweater mogul argued the bank had refused to take his $5,000 monthly check. He blamed the escalating debt on his wife, who he said illegally refinanced the property two years ago to pay legal bills. Last month, Wells Fargo threatened foreclosure as the debt swelled to $95,000.

"She [Chana] will not let me negotiate," Simon Taub said. "I will pay nothing. I don't have $100,000. It's okay if the house goes into foreclosure. We will never agree who will stay in the house. It will be sold."

Taub, who claimed bankruptcy, has no outstanding mortgage debts on multiple Williamsburg buildings he owns - and collects hundreds of thousands in rent from tenants.

"This is how the courts work," said Chana Taub. "They give me zero."



Friday, February 08, 2008

Read the new Chaptzem article in the Country Yossi Family Magazine 

Make sure to pick up your free copy of the Country Yossi Family Magazine and read the brand new original article 'The English Teacher' written by Chaptzem, the only Heimishe blogger to make the transition from cyberspace to print.


Video interview with the owner of the Moshiach Mobile 

This is a video interview with the owner of the Moshiach Mobile by TheCoolJew. Only it seems like he's illiterate and needs help reading the text of the original post.


Thursday, February 07, 2008

Sneak peek at the unfinished inside of the upcoming Liberty Pointe Bank on Thirteenth Avenue in Boro-Park 


Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Jews in space 


Tuesday, February 05, 2008

SUPER TUESDAY: Satmar vs. Satmar 

The split between the two heirs to the Satmar Hasidic dynasty spilled over into the political arena this week.

According to Yiddish-language listservs and blogs hosted in Israel, there is a an Internet campaign underway to urge Satmar residents in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn to vote for Hillary Clinton, while at the same time urging residents to physically cross off her delegate, Rabbi David Niederman, from their ballots. Allies of Niederman have countered, urging voters to support him.

Niederman is considered to be a follower of Zalman Teitelbaum, who splits the community’s allegiance with his brother, Aaron Teitelbaum.

Throughout the listserv posts, calls were made for visitors to promptly urge their spouses and children to vote, but to abstain from supporting Niederman. Few, if any, cogent arguments are provided and impenetrable financial statistics related to his community-organizing work abound.

After the 1999 split between the brothers, different community organizations became affiliated with feuding rabbinical leaderships. He is currently the director of the United Jewish Communities of Williamsburg, an umbrella organization that serves as a provider of social and housing services, as well as public health and community development services in the Williamsburg area.

“I don’t read the blogs and I am not aware that they exist.” Niederman remarked, when reached by the Forward. “Voting is going on in Williamsburg right now.”



Hasidim and Seagulls 


Monday, February 04, 2008

Touro in discussions to sell off their newly opened Central Islip Law School 

Touro College is in discussions to sell its just-opened Central Islip law school to Stony Brook University.

Touro's Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Center moved into the state-of-the-art campus adjacent to the federal court house in Central Islip last year. Independent appraisers are calculating the value of the school and are expected to issue reports in a matter of weeks.

Sources said the property itself would net Touro north of $35 million, so an outright acquisition of the law school could fetch in the $70 million range.

The sources also said Touro founder Bernard Lander would like to open a new law school in New York City to compete with law schools such as Fordham and New York University.

The Touro facility would be the New York State university system's second law school – the first is in Buffalo – and a signature addition for Stony Brook, the system's largest and fastest-growing campus.

Last year, Stony Brook added an innovative journalism program and acquired Long Island University's Southampton campus. It also announced an aggressive expansion to its medical school and is building centers for alternative energy and wireless technology.



Sunday, February 03, 2008

Giants Tefilin Superbowl win tremendous Kiddush HaShem 

As previously reported in an exclusive Chaptzem story, Rabbi Yisroel Shemtov had been putting on Tefilin with the Jewish big shots of the underdog New York Giants football team and they had been consistently winning. And now, against all odds and as promised by Rabbi Shemtov, sports bookies' from all over the country have had their worst nightmares come true. The Giants, in an unbelievable game, have won the Superbowl against the until now undefeated New England Patriots and all because of the Mitzvah of Tefilin. Chalk up a big touchdown for Yiddishkeit.


It must have been a real emergency 

Maybe it was a hold-up at a donut shop or a 'steak'-out.


Saturday, February 02, 2008

Orthodox Jews Push For Clinton In Brooklyn 

This endorsement is being distributed among NYC Orthodox Jews, who are a focus point for the Clinton campaign in hopes of countering what is expected to be a big African-American turnout for Obama - particularly in Brooklyn, which is one of the centers of the Illinois senator's city support.



Friday, February 01, 2008

Video clip of the snow yesterday in Tzfas 


Dicci store manager dealing with the aftermath of the shattered storefront 



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