Monday, February 18, 2008

Lipa-Gertner Big Event films commercial video without subject's consent 

The Big Event Lipa-Gertner concert is running a strong internet campaign to get people to show up. There is a special web-site set up for the event and those funny rip-off parody video commercials. However, what the Big Event videos fail to tell you is that not everyone featured on the video has consented to be filmed and broadcast all over the internet. As a matter of fact, one person that was featured in the video told a source that he was completely unaware that he had even been filmed, let alone plastered all over the net, and was shocked to find out about it. While such commercials are innovative and creative and help to market an event where some of the profits go to Tzedakah, nevertheless, great care must be taken that peoples' privacy is protected and not exploited and abused.

Most concerts have a disclaimer on their tickets that state you consent to be recorded. Maybe they did also.


so what if someone's face was there, you call it exploit, did it show that person doing something wrong, there is nothing wrong with it and certainly not illegal, when you film someone on the street its not invading ones privacy at all, its in PUBLIC for crying out loud, and you don't need anyone's consent


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