Friday, February 15, 2008

Oorah's Kars-for-Kids is investigated again 

Oorah's multi-million dollar Kars-for-Kids operation is investigated once again and some people are nearly arrested for not letting the news reporter leave their property.

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No... the program itself is not investigated. The supposed "scandal" is that they don't write in their ads that it's a Jewish charity. If you called and asked, they'd tell you. And if you watch the video, it's a stretch to call it "nearly arrested."


Ah, but the reporter was indeed nearly arrested.

What a chilul Hashem!

What would anyone here say if this were an evangelical Christian group not disclosing its true purpose?

The double standard on this blog, as usual.


If it would be an evangelical chr**tian organization trying to convert Jewish kids to their avodah zara, no news organization would report a thing about it.


Either the newscaster left something out or the people did not act in an astute manner.

Why did they send her to a lawyer? They made it appear they have something to hide (although they are reputed to be a respecrable oginization).

Why did they have to block her from leaving? Something is strange here.

Again either the reporter left something out or they did not act with the correct approach.


These investigative news organizations make themselves look like they are somehow privileged to speak to whomever they want whenever they want. The woman from the tzedaka did exactly the right thing. She put the reporter in her place exactly as she should have in a calm appropriate manner. The hothead who blocked her way may need a little straightening out.
Many of us know people who were unfairly hurt by these gotcha investigations on the radio or TV.
By the way when was the last time a NY times investigation regarding Israel or any religious organization got it right.


Well after seeing that, I'm very suspicious of the org. Should I be? Who knows? But if I shouldn't be, then they shouldn't need to be so secretive.

People who give money to an organization want to know where their money is going to go. Period. I want to know, you want to know, and so does everyone else. Last year this program raised $9mil? Where did it go?

The average American may think that "helping kids on the street" is a worthy cause whereas "introducing Jews to Judaism" is not. And frankly, it's their money and therefore their call to make! So if an organization has to lie or stretch the truth to raise so much money, yea it deserves investigation, frankly, and it's a huge chilul hashem.

Thanks to people who do this kind of thing, the average American is apt to believe that Jews have to lie to raise money for their own internal community issues. Tell me that's not a chilul hashem!




Wouldn't it have been better if they told her we are very busy now and would answer all her questions at a different time or location?
What was suppose to be accomplished by blocking her exit and calling the police?
Truth is always stranger then fiction.
I would love to hear from them an explanation.


in my humble opinion I think the employees of Oorah did the correct thing.Keep it up. There is no need to be intimidated by rude and obnoxious news reporters. There is no problem in fundraising the way they do. How many organizations out there fundraise money that ends up in terrorist hands. Channel 11 would be better off doing a fact finder on that issue


Sorry, but, no matter how good an organization they are, and no matter how rude Channel 11 was, a Jew in public MUST hold him/herself to a higher standard and not make a chillul Hashem.

There is no excuse for the rudeness they showed the reporters, no matter how rude the reporters were. They should have understood that their actions will be edited and shown in the worst light. Therefore, they should have been extra diligent to be carefully couteous, and helpful. They have nothing to hide.

And, if they DO have something to hide, then I want to know and I will no longer support them.


Anonymous, February 18, 2008 6:40 PM:

You got that right.

We are supposed to set an example for the gentiles. Instead, this organization makes a chilul Hashem!

How in the world can anyone here condone raising money for a Jewish charity by deceiving gentiles?

What is wrong with this alleged charity? Why not be honest and straightforward?

"Mitzvah ha'bah b'aveirah. . ." Anyone remember that?

By the way, suppose 1-877-KARS 4KIDS turned out to be Jews For Yoisel? You guys would be calling for the FBI to shut them down.

We should hold our charities to high standards.


I have watched in disgust as this openly goyish gambling perversity has spread over Fltbish, Boro Park and Crown Heights over the past 30 years.

This is gambling, no more and no less.

Am I misremembering, or doesn't it say something in our Jewish religion about gambling?

It's all well and good to have a low level auction, like I remember in the 60's. Raised a few hundred dollars. But this? This is Big Bucks. Glossy brochures that would not shame a presidential campaign. And I don't see anything on the charity review sites about where money goes.

All in all, such gambling perverts the Jewish soul. Do we not think that the "spif" that yeshiva kids get for hawking some of these shares corrdes their neshamas?

All of these "charities" need investigation, and not right now, but yesterday.


Wheatever it is give them the benifit of the doubt. Oorah is the best thing that ever happened to me! trust me it's not a scam at all! I'm a camper from their camp and I know from experience that it's a totally honorable organization


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