Friday, February 22, 2008

Rabbanim reject claims of forged signatures 

Kudos for Hamodia!!!

for not letting Kvod Hatora Down


I'm not sure if this is good news or bad.
I'm really disappointed to see that these *gedolim* have nothing better to do than impose MORE restrictions.

What's next? telephones? cars? newspapers? cameras?


oh wow thats great now im not gonna go.


Now you see why so many peolpe have a little yellow mailbox standing in front of their house.

Thank You Hamodia!


Wow! Terrible to hear all you people speak against the Gedolim! Why should your kid listen to his Rebbi after hearing his parent talk about Gedolim in this manner??!! Listening to Gedolim means listening also when we dont understand!


Can someone please explain what the issur is exactly?

As far as I can see, this concert has separate seating, without any option for family seating.

Unlike other concerts, where it is family seating and on the side you have some separate seating.

I am not knocking the issur I just want to understand it. Unless the Rabbonim where misled as to what this is, I wonder if they even know that the profit is going to a worthy tzedaka.


It's quiet interesting how all of the people sitting here and criticizing those who have a problem with the rabonim for issuing this ban, all seem to not care what most gedolim have banned and keep on speaking out against it ........The internet. I'm assuming all of you don't really care or have a loophole or another not to have to listen to them. The fact of the matter is the rabonim are way to busy with nonsense bans and seem to have forgotten that most of our meat isn't kosher and how many agunas are living amongst us. We all have to do what we think is right and if we follow a particular Rebbe or Gadol then we should adhere to the rules and to their teachings. Rabbonim and Gedolim are not Hashems police for our COMMUNITIES. We are ALL different and all have different customs.This reminds me of how disgusted I was to get a letter in the mail about 2 years ago in regard to how the eruv in flatbush is not kosher. I have never associated myself with any of the rabbonim who signed the paper, and it really upset me how they think that they are the police of Flatbush.


This is a forged newspaper article.


How come the Hasc concert is not banned?




don't worrt HASC is next


The only other similar phenomenons that I've seen in my lifetime are the Nechomas Yisroel Organization, which according to their most recent ad campaign, has placed TWELVE THOUSAND CHILDREN in Yeshivos, and the incomparable Oorah Kiruv Rechokim. Nechomas Yisroel's claim is all about kids who would've otherwise gone to Public Schools. Talk about "Pulling a fast one," This goes beyond fast. If there were 120 kids placed in yeshivos by them it would be saying a lot. And the propaganda that went on these years, with the "75 dollars saves a Neshoma," as if any Yeshivah would take a Bukhari/Russian kid into their school for seventy five bucks, makes Boro Park and Flatbush Jews look as gullible as ever. But that's all it takes these days to get yourself on the map; campaign as if you've been in business for thirty years, and you needn't show any actual results, just pictures of young men with their arms around the shoulders of dark-looking kids.



Att: theantitzemach 9:22

Hashem knows your address. Thanks for starting up with HIM. There is no one else to stand up & defend HIS causes from your sloppy biased false filthy assumptions, But HE HIMSELF. (I happen to know what goes on there -suffice it to say that your slanderous garbage is so disgusting. Ugh. If you have an attack, it's bad enough. Don't spew it out onto others)


The one who gained te most out of this whole shebab is hamodia'

how did thay get in to this whole mess?

evry one is talking about them


i saw lipa wensday after the kol korai was posted and he said U CAN STILL GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




BH no Chabad Rabonim signed so I can still go


Anonymous said...
BH no Chabad Rabonim signed so I can still go

February 24, 2008 10:09 AM


The Rebbeh himself signed it. His signature is just hidden right now until the time comes that it will be revealed to all of us.


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