Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The terrorists have won! 


dear yiddishe people it is very sad to see things like this happen. it only adds more dissention to unzer folk. the bright side of it while it lasted was we got to see the entertaining advertisement videos for the Big Event. lipa you make me laugh every time and that is worth more than anything. thanks for the effort.


Here is a better version, and a more appropriate one, since it takes place at Madison Square Garden where the concert, a"h, was supposed to take place: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VjyXFD9hH7Q


Today is the sadist day in the Jewish Music industry


This is also the death of Dass Torah.


What is going on over here, are you people Jewish? We are talking about G-d fearing people who did the right thing and listined to their Rabbi's. It is tryly painful to read such anti-semitic comments.
What will your kids turn out to be like? With the "great" examples you are setting, I hope they will stay Jewish. True they might also speak Yiddish, have payos, and were long coats. But then again, maskilim in pre-war Europe also did. It's time to take a reality check before you post such lethal comments against this generation's Rabbis.



Asher Friedman of Nechamas Yisroel was behind the ban and the harassment of schmeltzer and his family - It's about time that he gets a taste of his own medicine.


they better cancel haazinu,hasc and ohel concerts.if they dont rabbanim are not only hippacrits but also going against lipa and his family and especially threatening them.


its amazing,the lipa experience was about lipa singing half of his albums.and the hasc 20 concert has dr phil in the video making believe he's talking to dedi,and the lipa diet song of course.hasc should be more assur than lipa's concerts because they show more goyish stuff.


Every morning i ride the willamsburg bus from Boro Park.
There is this middle age woman who sits next to me every day for the twenty minute drive. This woman went through a lot, she was sick for a long time and had a few fatal encounters. For the past few weeks, every day she was so proud of showing me the $100 ticket her son has bought her and so looked forward to going and being there to watch Lipa. Then when she heard a couple of days ago the concert was canceled she was devastated.
What did the rabbanuim accomplish now?


Some rabbonim agreed to rescind their signature in writing after Shiya assured them that the concert would be held in an apprpriate manner. Others did not, claiming that all concerts are assur. I think those rabbonim did a big avla. At least they should have had the decency to clarify that no longer have any concerns about the content of the concert and their only remaining concern is that they don't believe any concerts should be allowed. Most people would have just ignored them. At least the rabbonim who agreed to rescind their ban claimed that their concern was not concerts in general and they only singled out this particular concert because they felt it would be inappropriate. The other rabbonim have in effect singled out a single concert and promoter under the guise that the content of the concert was wrong when in fact their problem was concerts in general. At best they are guilty of geneivas daas. Lets see if they now issue kol korahs for the other concerts.


it's nice to see that someone bothered to ask a few questions:



chaptzem your past stuff were good but this one takes the cake.very cute,very creative.Thanks for the constant entertainment,I always wonder what you were like as a child.


Anonymous 7:24

You said:
t is tryly painful to read such anti-semitic comments.
What will your kids turn out to be like? With the "great" examples you are setting, I hope they will stay Jewish. True they might also speak Yiddish, have payos, and were long coats.

Are you just ASSUMING that the people posting the comments you don't agree with wear long coats and peyos?
Who's the anti-semite, they or you?


I can't stop laughing!


I walk, talk, and look like a chassidisher yingerman. However, I am truly a tzudoiki, at least in the mind of our Rabbonim. I do what I think is right and mind my own business. I'm very often embarrassed to be associated with our community. Don't know whom to believe or trust. Yeah, it's sad... I'm sure there are many others like myself in the community.


I think it’s about time we place a ban on Machlokos of our so called "Gedolim" "Rabonim".

Let them first behave like "Gedolim" and earn our respect rather then intimidating us to follow their latest ban while losing any respect we might have had

Our so called Godolim should think of popular opinion. I estimate that their general approval rating is at an all time low. They have only themselves to blame.


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