Saturday, February 16, 2008

This campaign slogan sounds very familiar 

So, where will you be? A the Big Event or the Pruzansky event?

Sent in by a Chaptzem reader

Why is it familiar? Where was it taken from?


Lipa Concert Will Be In Cheiriem Soon Anyway!!!


Is ther no proof reading
of these ads?


Thanks for posting this! Wow I thought I was the only one who noticed this!

It's so freakin obvious that this Pruzansky event ripped off their 'slogan' from The Big Event. Unbelievable.


good one Chaptzem!

When will everybody stop copying everything Lipa does? That's the problem with the Jewish music scene today: There is no originality whatsoever. Everbody just copies what the next guy does.

That is what I like about Lipa, his downright creativity & uniqueness.


what a cheap shot Mr. Pruzansky!

Feels like first grade all over again...please don't copy my coloring Michoel tattele.

Take a hike PruzBul


oh so it is ok for lipa to steal the ad idea from gieco who stole it from pulp fiction. i bet MBD posted this article.


Eventhough Lipa borrows his 'material' from various places, he still manages to pull it off. While some people (i.e. Pruz) just don't know how to work it.

And don't mind those nay-sayers who claim that Schmeltzer's songs are straight off gentile performers albums. That is a falsehood being that he is indeed super creative. He simply fuses different genres and composes his own stuff instead of lackluster old music. My favorite Lipa Schmeltzer composition is 'Leilu I'leilu.' The man sings from his heart. He offers a mix of yesterday & today im a refreshing way. And when it comes to leibidige tunes he is just amazing. What he does at weddings or concert promotions is another thing. Personally, I think that's done for comedic purposes and shouldn't be so severely scrutinized.

Just for the kicks allow me to share my favorite Lipa tracks:
1) Shivaati -Album: Keinehora
2) Gelt -Album: Baderech
3) Reb Zishe/Hashiveini -Album: Keinehora
4) Gam Zee Letoivu -Album: Gam Zee Letoivu
5) Arzei Halvonon -Keinehora
6) Farvuzeh Veinstee? -Album: L'eilu I'leilu

I suggest Mr. Pruzansky gather PR from his own sources.


i think u guys should grow up and stop kvetching about stupidity lipa is crazy when i look at lipa i see akon ,cascada ,kevin lyttle etc. which happen to have peyos ive been around the block and i know im not a fanatic about goyish or wtvr i just know that hes crazy in the messed up world we live in we get entertainment from crazy people so i watch just to see how crazy he can be if u do reseach on him you will find out that he was in chush when he was younger he flirted with my sister at a wedding in the begining of this year not that i care about my sister its just pathetic since hes married with kids and he does what he does anyway thind pruz has an awesome voice and great talent and if u dont know music dont blog cause i know music and id rather listen to pruz over lipa anyday pruz is an eidel guy no ego not full of himself doesend wear glasses that say PRUZ on it and doesent write his name on his car i just feel that people overlook his great voice im sayin his new cd kicks any of lipas cds and i listen to music 24/6 jewish and non-jewish and pruz with his voice just blows me away u could feel he gives it his all and he sings from his heart as opposed to lipa who sings for attention that the next day everyone should be wow lipa was "awesome last night" yeah right dont get me wrong lipa is talented hes great with making up songts from scratch and if u look in the album cover of kein hora he writes in yiddish that balei simcha so to speak shouldnt put him into a predicament where he has to song non jewish songs they shouldnt ask him to cause hes a "chasidishe yingerman" but if they ask him he cant say no cause hes getting paid so he has to listen so please dont ask him so first of all no one asks him he does out of his own free will for attention and to take away everyone from dancing and watching him on stageand besides i wanna see mbd or avraham fried sing a non jewish song even if u ask them or pay them tripple so tell lipa to cut the bull and again im not talking from a frum point of veiw im saying i ur gonna idolize lipa cause he can sing non jewish songs u might as well idolize from the source like akon and kevein lyttle etc. and again pruz is awesome and yes i do idolize akon but not kevin lyttle since has to perverted for my jewish neshoma btw thanx to chaptzem i feel my blood pressure starting to go down peace'n'love brother from another mother uber fin ein tatte in himel kol yisroel areivin zeh lzeh vnumar umein


It's so obvious that Michoel Pruzansky wrote that last comment


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