Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Lady Fingers no longer available for Pesach 

Companies that produce strictly Kosher for Pesach baked products are no longer producing lady fingers. The companies have now renamed the product to either 'Baby Fingers' or 'Fingers' as not to create an association between their product and the female gender, which may cause male customers to have impure thoughts.

No pictures of ladies in haradi newspapers no lady fingers.
Whats next no ladies in shul?


O here I was thinking that the stuff would not be made for good, all they did was change the name.They will still be lady fingers for me. O, the ad thoughts.


You are so silly that i'm amazed. obviously the name lady finger is a trade mark name so hagada can't use it so they have a similar name.


Thinking of women is impure but I suppose pedophiles are okay.


its quite insulting to hear that orthodox men and unable to control themselves by simply looking at a box of cookies goodness who running the show?????


Isn't this the same stuff that the priest passes out right after Catholic mass?
I'm ashamed to admit it but after a few boxes of Baby Fingers I developed a taste for human flesh. I also developed a belief that the Rebbe is Moshiach including a tourettes-like syndrome with a yell of "Yechi" every five minutes.
The stuff was produced in Crown Heights. I should have checked the box but now its too late. If only had I had been more careful....
Yechi !!
Yechi !!


i don't think they should be called fingers either. that's a body part. how can one eat a body part? can't they just be called egg biscuits or something?


Invitations to weddings will stop saying the Girls name, the girls mothers name because it brings bad thoughts. Hashem yerachem and a refuah shlayma lechoyley amecha.


To the one who said that it is a copyright issue:

Oberlander's the company that holds the rights to that name calls them L. Fingers. So even the originator "purified" the name.


They used to say that "In Belz one didn't speak of "Copper"."


Because from copper you make pots.

In pots, fish is cooked.

Fish is served at weddings.

Weddings involve getting married to a "dos."


i think they should call it CARDBOARD cookies........

thats what they taste like.


what's next, elbow noodles?


after seeing this news brief i went to the store to see for myself and found that on the old lady fingers box it says " L. fingers "
what has become of us here
a golus within a golus


what is a dos?


Yes, we shouldn't be eating fingers, or elbows or any other body parts. Even tongue (meat) should be called something more benign. they should call those ubiquitous Pesach cookies - oblongs, how about that?


This has nothing to do with tznius. it happems to be that one Yom Tov a few years ago Rabbi Lipa Finstunfrum heard his kids fighting about who gave who the finger while he was driving down the Turnpike to Great Adventures.

So he got seventy seven other admorim to sign a ban against pasachdik fingers.


In Victorian times they used to refer to piano legs as "limbs" in order to avoid using the non-tzniuskike word "leg". Similarly, people use the term "gender" to refer to whether someone is male or female, rather than "s-x".

Once I placed an order for chicken; the storeowner kept using the term "tops" while I kept referring to the white meat as "br--sts."


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