Thursday, November 20, 2008

Eech Vill Zain A Rebbe 

Listen to the overnight Jewish music mega-hit that's taking the Heimishe world by storm.

Watch the music video with English subtitles.

from a non jewish song called i want to be a rockstar by the band known as nickleback


I didn't hear about this song until seeing it here. However, I suspect the excitement is partly because it's a copy of a famous Nickleback song called "I want to be a rock star".


funniest thing i ever saw-with all due respect to the rabbis (no need to get them angry)


woooow. i'd love to know who is singing ''ich vill zein a rebbe''..... does any1 know??????????


His name is sholi grossman, the son of the guy that act's in the video in yiddish,


The guy who sings this is shauly grossman from monsey its no big deal to take a non jewish song and make it into jewish just like britneys song gimee more


great great song. made my day thanx.


The fact that most rebbes are learning Torah 18 hour a day is not mentioned here. a Rebbe is a Zadik who learns and davens and knows all there is to know from the torah alone. and a Rebbe is trying very hard to keep learning torah with other yidden and never fails a little Mincah'la or Mariv'el. without Rabonin we would have long been forgoten as a Yiddish folk. and Yes I wanna be a Rebbe.
Yours The Golem


Who sings this CRAP?


i guess nothing is sacred , the glee in peoples "voices " when rabonnim are trashed is beyond anything i have ever heard . in the past we knew our enemies they announced themselves and made themselves very clear , i rue the day our enemies come from within. who needs hitler when we decide to shect each other.
oh and i guess by defending rabbonim i will be accused of being a molester , the cause celebre of the disenfranchised failures of the yiddishe velt.


to: November 21, 2008 10:04 AM

its humor-where is it disrespectfull-was any part not true?
you really need to get a life-let me guess you were he one who supported banning concerts too? and to compare this to hitler?




It is just plain cute kosher fun.
something cute for my young son to watch and hear.
Yeah he wants to be a Rebbe to. In the goyisha velt little boys want to grow up an be the president and in our world they want to grow up to be the Rebbe - what's wrong with that?


I find this song despicable. How low can one go to get some attention. When we have tzoros, we run to Rebbes for Brochos. When we need advice, we run to our Rebbes. Nowhere in this song, does it mention the "breite plaitzos" our Rebbes have, they carry the tzoros of the Rabbim on their shoulders. I have heard that a Rebbe once asked that the chossid come back with the good besuros, because all they get to hear are the bad ones, then we forget to update them on the good news. This song should be banned (and no, I am not one for banning Lipa concerts or sheitlech). This song must be banned. This is chutzpah of the highest caliber, shame on you, composer of this garbage.


cute fun huh , i guess in the same vein as apikorsus . i would love to see how yoyre well bred yingeleh turns out.


The video wasen't about Rebbes but rather common folk who would love to have that power, wealth and followers. We are by nature envious. Just think about how in the time of Moshe Rabbainu the leadership was handed down to Yehoshua and not to Moshes sons. The fact remains that most of the Rebbes sons are unfit and unqualified to lead anything. Being born to a leader doesn't automatically qualify them as leaders. Maybe if the fighting would stop they would gain SOME respect.


does anyone know where I can get a transcription of the yiddish words?


no where in the video does it show torah gedolim like rav sheinberg,rav kotler,rav solomon,etc.
dont think youre the only culture to yiddishkeit!


Warning: The English subtitles are not always as, er, accurate as they might be. For instance, "zaadens" is not "suede". And "faafn oon" is translated rather more colorfully than is actually justified by the dictionary.

And yeah, there are rebbelach like this, who do nothing but provide a convenient figurehead for the real CEOs of the chassidus. And there are stam fakers, just as there are fake doctors and lawyers and financial advisers. One must pick a rebbe with at least as much care as one would pick a spouse or a major investment. But this cynical attitude, with the implication that it applies to rebbes as a class, is pure kefirah. M'darf vissen zaan that even the menuvel who put this together gets his chayes through some rebbe or tzadik, derech achorayim, and the fact that he doesn't just dry up and disappear shows that rebbe's tzidkis better than anything else.


did you learn to call people igonrant am haaretz from your mussar sefer- i didnt know you know me-wheres the respect for a fellow jew -your right prople like you that have NO RESPECT are the ruin of us


I am only sorry that it took this long for someone to think of producing and disseminate such a great production.


Let's not make fun of rebbes/tzadikim We are in no position to judge them. Even the ones that are "SHOW SHPEELERS"(actors in yiddish)Unless you know for a fact that the man is a scam artist,or a scoundrel. Let him be. There are great tzaddikim out there. Dont mess with them,its VERY dangerous to get our laughs and kicks,this way. How low have YOU(the composer) sunk,that you have come to this?


Oh lighten up people! Yeah sure Nickleback's version is of course the best but you gotta see the funny side of this version!


We live in a generation without limits. Children and parents are on an equal level. Rebbes and chassidim are an equal. There is NO RESPECT. In the name of humor, one can compose and sing such a disrespecful song, and we have people here who actually think it is funny. How tragic.


Hey you want respect??



The satire is not meant for the ehrliche Rebbes who are the Tzadikim of our generation. It is chutzpadik that you added pictures of prominent Rabonim


your history is so screwed up i think its funnier than the video. "in the past we knew or enemies." yes, the world and human nature changed overnight to to America. pick up a history book and learn something before opening your mouth.


anyone have a translation?


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