Tuesday, April 19, 2016

In Brooklyn, Hasidim and Hipsters Head Out to Vote 

Moishe Lowy plans on voting for Clinton. 'I like her personality.'

It's apparently not enough to be a former neighbor of Bernie Sanders to want to vote for him. A short walk away from Sanders’ childhood home and in front of his alma mater, none of the voters emerging from the grand brick high school in the Flatbush section of Brooklyn said they voted for him in the presidential primary election.

Cheryl Spivak, a retired New York City public school special education teacher, said that she cast her ballot for Hillary Clinton. “I’m concerned about some of the things Bernie said about Israel,” said Spivak, who was dressed in the sporty modest clothing of modern Orthodox women. “He does not seem pro-Israel.”

Charles, who would not give his last name, had just emerged from James Madison High School where he had voted for Ted Cruz. “I like what he stands for,” said the 45-year-old father of five, who wore a pale purple dress shirt and black velvet yarmulke and said he is the office manager for a distribution company. “I like his conservative values, like keeping the government out of our business. And he’s pro-Israel. He considers Israel a friend.”

Thinking that they looked more like Sanders’ usual demographic, a reporter hustled after two young women wearing knee-length skirts, one with a baby strapped to her chest in a Snugli, as they walked away from the polling place after voting.

They declined to give their names or even say who they voted for but when prodded to see if they’d given Sanders their vote, one exclaimed “oh no, we’re Republicans!”


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