Saturday, August 26, 2017

Chabad's bat mitzvah club helps shape Jewish identity 

Downtown Jewish Center Chabad in Fort Lauderdale is running a bat mitzvah club for girls ages 11-13.

"Our goal at the bat mitzvah club is to inspire Jewish girls to become confident, smart, thoughtful, proud Jewish women who understand there is more to their bat mitzvah than just the party," said Devorah Kaplan, educational director at DJCC.

Girls from South Florida are welcomed to join regardless of background or affiliation. Meetings are twice a month on a set schedule. In addition to the set schedule, a different girl each month will have the opportunity to host a meeting of her mitzvah project or fun event of her choice on a date of her choice.

The activities in this club are intended to be entertaining and engaging ones for girls to learn moral, ethical and functional life lessons that have both modern applications and traditional Jewish applications. It aims to instill in them knowledge, confidence and spiritual awareness in a way that is friendly, conversational, free of judgment and genuinely fun.

Kaplan said the Chabad hopes the girls take away from this club that Judaism is relevant.

"That's really the goal, that they see that Judaism is not just a once a year High Holiday celebration with parents, but that Judaism is relevant to their existence, every day practice and contribution to society."


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