Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Rockland holds 12th free measles clinic as cases rise over 90 

Rockland County held its 12th measles vaccination clinic in Rockland County Tuesday in an effort to stop the spread of the highly contagious disease.

Rockland health officials say a total of 91 cases have been reported in the county since the outbreak started back in September.

The clinic was held at Palisades Center Mall. The Best Buy in the Palisades Mall is one of the locations where the county has warned some may have been exposed to the disease on Nov. 24.

The outbreak of the disease was traced back to an international traveler who carried the disease from Israel to Rockland. It quickly spread within the Hasidic Jewish community, which typically has large gatherings.

Rockland officials say the cases are in clusters in New Square, Spring Valley and Monsey.

The county says a total of 11,100 MMR vaccines have been given by the Department of Health and local doctors.


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