Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Firebrand Heshy Tischler defends Brooklyn Orthodox during pandemic 

Heshy Tischler believes what he did for the Orthodox Jewish community in the fall was the right thing. There is nothing he would change about the way he publicly called out New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio for singling out the Jewish community amid a spike in coronavirus cases.

The city council candidate in Brooklyn led a series of maskless protests in Borough Park — a Hasidic neighborhood — just two months ago. Borough Park, Tischler explained, was under attack by New York's politicians. While he says he doesn't believe Cuomo and de Blasio were scapegoating the Orthodox Jewish community, he does feel that they wrongly called out the Jews in a public manner.

Tischler still wants to know why the area's politicians were singling out the Jewish population when minority communities have suffered much greater losses due to the pandemic. In the past, when the Hasidic community did ask for help from the state and city government, Tischler says the politicians were unresponsive. Now, when the community didn't request assistance, the government shut the area down, and Tischler truly believed he needed to be the voice of the community.

But as Tischler did what he firmly stood for, it landed him behind bars. He was charged for inciting a riot in Borough Park as community members burned face masks. During the protests, Tischler called Orthodox journalist Jacob Kornbluh a "moser," (or "snitch" in Yiddish) sparking even more controversy.


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