Monday, March 08, 2021

Volunteer surge for charity providing kosher meals to hospital patients 

A charity which provides free kosher meals to hospital patients has seen a surge of volunteers after announcing a new hub in Golders Green.

Bedside Kosher, which has a deal with the Royal Free in Hampstead to provide a full kosher menu, is opening its new hub today.

Its executive director, Anthony Shaw, said that it had allowed more people to volunteer with the service.

"Our fresh meals have so far reached patients in every London hospital, but this new hub will allow our food parcels to reach patients in North West London at a much faster rate," he said. 

"It's extraordinary to see so many volunteers step forward during the pandemic and deliver our free meal service – highlighting the best of our community."

Since the start of the pandemic last year, the charity estimates it has delivered over 40,000 meals throughout London, with the majority of its volunteers coming from Stamford Hill's Charedi community.

Alongside providing meals, the charity delivers kashrut training to NHS staff and helps mediate complaints from the community about the lack of kosher hospital meals.

Chairman of Bedside Kosher, Ari Feferkorn, added that the service would "not stop until every Jewish patient is treated like everyone else in hospital," with access to kosher food.


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