Thursday, March 31, 2005

Munkatcher Rebbe's son splits with Yeshiva

Munkatcher Rebbe's oldest son, R' Chaim Eluzer, split off from his father with his Yeshiva. The split took place after his father had opened up a new Yeshiva for his son-in-law, Rabbi Horowitz, a little while back. R' Chaim Eluzer, feeling betrayed by his father, renounced what his father had done and will not affiliate himself with him any longer.

Midah kneged midah.Poetic justice.
The rebbe is getting paid back for the way he treated his father a"h.


Maase Avoth Siman lebanim. The rebbe should go to Israel and ask mechila of his father rabbi Baruch rabinowitz .


It is amazing how people so freely speak about things of which they know so little. Mechila for what? Anyone who knows the facts understands that it is not the son that needed mechilah from the father, but exactly the opposite. Plus, although I'm not in the loop on modern-day Munkatch politics, where the idea in the original posting came from that the Rebbe's son "renounced what his father had done and will not affiliate himself with him any longer" is a complete mystery to me, since both father and son are just today headed together by airplane to Israel, for the levaya of the Rebbe's oldest brother, a"h.


Oh please Im not one to mix into other peoles lives and business
BUT MINKATCH thats a different story. EVERYONE knows he is a ball machlokes and ball rechilus!!!
"Every dog has their day!!!"


Munkatcher rebbe has helped and continues to help hundreds if not thousands of people each day in many different capacities.

I can personally attest to that.

I do know that there is some sort of machlokes over there (and unfortunately everywhere else you look today's days). However, I can say that on Wed. May 10 the ladie's auxiliary party for the cheder was held and his daughter-in-law was there together with his rebbetzin and daughter.


the real fact is: that the rabby is vary close with his soon, and they never fight, the rabby is keeping saying complements on his soon as of today May 22 '09, and who wrote the above don't know what he is talking, since i am one of the munkatcher chasidim, and know every think there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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