Saturday, May 14, 2005

Bobov has their day in court

Bobov had their day in Federal Court, to some capacity at least. While appearing in front of Federal Court Judge Kramer, he began to explain a request that he had for them. The Judge related a story of when he had been running for his position, he had gone to R' Shloime Bobover for a brocho. The Rebbe told him he would grant it to him, he had only one request. That if two heimishe people would come before him, he would send them first to Beis Din. The Judge said, he would at least expect his children to follow what he had said. He gave them ten days to go to Beis Din.

Rachmana nitzlan what a chillul HaShem. A Freie judge in a goyishe court has to tell heimishe yidden how to act. They should all be ashamed!


He's not a frier judge, the judge is a shomer torah umitzvohs and lives in flatbush.


First of all, he is a frum yid a shomer torah v'mitzvohs. secondly, the judge didn't say that. all he said was that he once went for a brocha to r' Shlome Halerstam and he would expect that he would want this to go to a beis din.


Why Unger went to goish court??
Like a Tendler!!Chillul HaShem!!
Even Yiddishe Judge is surprised!!!


WTF do you mean "like a tendler" you are so ignorant and stupid.


judg kramer is a state judge not federal


Who didn't want to go to Din Torah for fear of losing? Ben-Tzioni Halberstam. First he should give his brother (R' naftuli) "Pi Shtayim" of the yerishe their father left behind.all the rest is to much to mention


Rebbe from 48 ץ

Rebbe from 45 צ


who is this tzvi aryeh? reinhold himself? or koppel shtroli?


Speaking of a friae or not firar judge and going to beis din or goyishe courts.....funny that the original story in this blog was posted on Shabbos!!!!






The judge is a relative of mine. He is frum. As frum as any of you. His kids and grandchildren attend/ed the finest yeshivas and beis yaakovs in the states and Israel (he himself is a learned jew in torah). All he did (according to the street rumors) is give a well deserved "mussar schmuess" to the parties involved. Hopefully, after this issue is cleared up, the Bobov chasidus will regain it's beloved status amongst all jews.


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