Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Sullivan soon to get up to speed on Rte. 17

Tired of slowing down when you head into Sullivan County.
Or, really, tired of breaking the law every time you cruise up Route 17 doing 65 mph.
Well, just so you know, Sullivan's speeding up.
The Department of Transportation plans to have the speed limit on Route 17 in Sullivan County raised to 65 mph ahead of the Memorial Day weekend.
But keep an eye on those signs: There will be three 55 mph sections where driving the new speed limit would be too risky. They are as follows:
From the Orange County line to a half-mile past Exit 112, the Masten Lake exit.
Around Monticello, between Exits 104 and 106.
Around Parksville, where there's a stop light at Exit 98.
The 65 mph signs were installed last week. You might have seen them – the ones wrapped in black.
Sometime before Friday, two DOT crews, starting at opposite ends of the county, will pull up the old signs and unwrap the new 65 mph ones.
"Have you ever driven in Sullivan County?" asked Sgt. Keith Hocker of the New York State Police. "Are people driving the speed limit now? I would say 'No.'"
Hocker is worried about the new speed limit.
"Increased speed means increased severity of accidents," he said.
He's annoyed by the three 55 mph sections.
"It will cause confusion," he said. State troopers could pull someone over in a 55 mph zone, but, "the last sign they legitimately had seen might have said 65 mph."

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