Sunday, June 19, 2005

Heimishe and Shiksa car accident on 14th Avenue and 56th Street

A Heimishe guy in a 4x4 and a Shiksa in a sporty coupe were both stopped perpendicular from each other at an all-way stop sign at the corner of 14th Avenue and 56th Street, when the coupe all of a sudden shot ahead hitting the 4x4 then careening into the light poll at the opposite corner. The coupe then turned to the left from the impact and kept on going. The coupe nearly smashed into a parked car on the Avenue before coming to a stop. Hatzolah was at the scene within seconds and treated the woman from the coupe. The 4x4 driver was apparently unharmed. A Hatzolah member flagged down a Police car that was passing by. A couple of moments later an Auxiliary Police car with three Auxiliary Police Officers, two of them being Heimish, passed by and began chatting in Yiddish with some of the people standing around in a thick Yiddishe accent. Apparently 'Aless iz geven A-vun okay uff der scene'.

The Shiksa's sporty coupe


The Heimishe guy's 4x4


I believe that you have once again crossed over from merely reporting on the news, to providing commentary on it.


if the people standing around didnt have thick yiddish accents would they still be talked to? what if they were shartzes with thick yiddishe accents. you know it is not rare. eddie murphy can talk with a thick yiddishe accent. what if billy crystal was there? now he is not hiemishe but an accent ehr can rhet azoi.
what does that have to do with any thing. at least tell us about the shiksa. was she also a sporty coupe? is the reason there were so many hiemishe people standing apround was to see her. did the shiksa have a thick yiddishe accent? also not so rare these days. enquiring minds want to know.


Let's not call her a shiksa, ok?


from the pictures it looks like the heimisha suv hit the litvishe


Hatzolah treated her? So there's no truth to the rumor that hatzolah only treats inzerer menshen?


did the accident happen because the heimisge guy couldn't stop looking at the hot girl?


he wasnt looking


she wasn't hot. just fat and ugly


This is total stupidity. Im tired of friving in BP and having INZERE MENTCHEN beeping like meshugaim. You also have these hatzala guys making noises with the sirens. Its impossible like this and it doesnt help anyone to live like this!


oomain heshy!!


heshy are you being a prick again. move out to the country sonny boy


Listen, Im a landsman in boro park for 50 years when the neighborhood was still nice. Go take your beepers, cellphones, sirens, lights and run the hell out of boro park back to wiliamsberg!


hatzola was whating to help here bec she said that she is ok and they were mabey please when they coverd here they did it slow and.......................


if u get a heart attack dont call hatzala by the time they get to u from willyb you will be doa


chatting in Yiddish with some of the people standing around in a thick Yiddishe accent. Apparently 'Aless iz geven A-vun okay uff der scene'.

must be yidbonics


i am making a website with a yidbonics dictionary. anything you want to add email yid@yidbonics.com and let me know

pass the word around



Boro Park has by far the most neurotic collection of people on this planet.Willi is basically a normal place.


What's a so-called heimisher man doing sitting in his SUV while blocking a cross walk. Unfortunately such sites are not so uncommon!!! How are we, the pedestrians, cross the street?

Not A Coomoner


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