Friday, August 19, 2005

Mikvah expert Nuchem Rosenberg blasts Yerushalayimer Mikvah to Bdat"z as a "Gay Bath" - Bdat"z renders their P'sak

Nochum Rosenberg

His Letter blasting the Mikvah
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The Bdat"z's P'sak

Can we get a bigger scan of R' Rosenberg's letter to the BDATZ - it's hard to read like this ?


Forget it - I figured out how to read it.

Rachmona Lizlan!! This is real scary stuff!!


can someone translate to english, even a condenced version?


R'Rosenberg Hmm....Mikveh...
Very controversial issue!!!!!!!
For instance - TZNIYUS -


this rosenburg was probably dropped on his head when he was a baby.

It's quite obvious that this guy suffers from some well known disease.

Just let him run his course

sooner or later you'll all find out his "history"


if BDATZ responded, that means they take him seriously?


as a boy i new personly fron Tzelin camp hi might look like nuts but is a genius


did anyone call rabbi rosenberg to confirm the story.
seems bogus.


If this is a true account, why does this eehh Mikvah Expert, take half a page with a bunch of Woe is me phrases, rather then get to the point of the matter? Why waste your writing space with a bunch of prose, just to yell FIRE. Im always suspicious of peopel who write vainglorious hohum as though they sound lofty when they finally get to their point.


Anon 12:00,

This flowery style is standard in inter-rabbinic correspondence. If you happen to come across old letters between European "gedolim" of yesteryear (even letters of dispute) you will often see this style of writing. Letters use to begin with something like this:

"Although I am not worthy of your greatness...I am humbled to even think about writing to you...blah, blah, blah....

It's all a bunch of hooey.


some one needs to post his letters or writings in English so everyone can understand


To all of the folks denigrating the Rabbi and his letter...stop and think for a minute...what if it is true? Do you understand the ramifications? If your young son came home on a Shabbos morning with such a story of what he had witnessed at the mikvah, would you dismiss it out of hand calling him names or would you investigate it?


i don't see why everyone is so outraged obviously badatz responded and took care of the matter maybe rabbi rosenberg saw some things going on and maybe he exaggerated but we see that badatz responded and took care of the matter


Mr Rosenberg is a class A opportunist.

He is a typical rhetorical, hypocritical and narrow minded chasidic imbecile, who is trying to exploit a problem in a community to gain popularity or for his own political agendas.
Who is he and what does he stand for? Years of family neglect, probably mired in pedophilia and in hot pursuit of all the whores he is so familiar with preaching against.
By listening to him maligning Klall Yisrael in having us believe that every teacher, masgiach, or even Rabbi is a child molester. What the hell is wrong with him?

Could we imagine, chas vesholom, a headline that orthodox jewish rabbis are charged with…….. Could we even fathom the Chilull Hashem?

If he really wants to change anything he should consider helping these individuals that have these issues, and pay for their therapy as well. It’s a two way street! He should form an organization and do what’s necessary as many have done, and stop talking. How much more attention do you need?


.it is a shame they stopped him from doing good work


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