Wednesday, September 28, 2005

66th Precinct Sergeant and crew hand out erroneous summons

A 4x4 from the 66th precinct, driven by a Police Officer Rodriguez, carrying a Sergeant Cohen and two other Police Officers, were patrolling down 13th Avenue and ticketing cars that were double parked with the motor running and the driver in the car. When the caravan of Cops approached the bus stop on 13th Avenue and 54th Street, they got out to ticket a white Range Rover that was parked there. When Sergeant Cohen approached the vehicle, he noticed a Shomrim plaque on the dashboard. He called over a female Officer and asked her if she wanted to ticket the Shomrim car, he must have been too scared to attempt it himself. The Police Officer answered that she would rather not. Sergeant Cohen continued by telling her that she could give the ticket if she wanted to and urged her to go ahead and do so. The Police Officer proceeded to issue the ticket to the Shomrim car. While she was writing out the ticket, Sergeant Cohen proceeded to explain to her that the plaque that Shomrim members display have lousy knock offs of the Police emblem on them. I guess all that tuches-licking from the Boro-Park Shomrim to the 66th Precinct Police Officers does pay off after all, to the tune of a $65 summons.

It pays to get the facts straight. The Boro Park Shomrim AKA BSSP are officially authorized to issue plaques, as well as park where necessary. It has nothing to do with licking up to anyone in the 66.

In fact, you will see that the ticket wardens have a picture of all of the valid parking permits, and the BSSP is listed there.


Now Mr. Anon:

Can you tell me why the F88 he was allowed to park there???
Yes that is tuchos licking, cause there was clearly no shomrim call there.
And yes thats called abusing the system.

BTW its a common fact, that the 66 pct. does not use toilet paper after they dump.....


as a chaverim member can i get parking permit?


Hey there Boro Park. I got Dov and Simcha on my side (none of your business how I bought them off) Now shut up about the ticket blitz and just vote for me OK? After all I have Dov and Simcha's endorsements. So really, its just too bad that you keep on getting tickets and tickets and tikets. If you are stupid enoght to vote for me, you deserve them!


You don't park your car legally.You block traffic.
You get a summons.Toughsky shitzky.


They are on call, and therefor are legally allowed to park. Its the same with Hatzolah, and Not-For-Profit public service organizations.

If your car was registered to chaveirim you could probably get a permit.


"erroneous summons"

what exactly is erroneous about these summons?


is this liebermans range rover by shomer shabbos? i think it was, and if so, he should spend some time looking for parking like the rest of us.


what ever happened with the proposal to allow double parking for 5 min. or whatever....?


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