Monday, September 12, 2005

Boro-Park boy ends up in wrong Yeshivah

A young boy that was supposed to go to the new Talmid Torah started by R' Mordche Dovid, ended up in R' Bentzion's Yeshivah by mistake. The bewildered boy, upon coming off the bus and entering a classroom, started shouting, "This is not my class! This is not my class!" The Hanhollah quickly came over to find out what was going. Finally they realized that the boy went onto the wrong bus in the morning. Now I wonder what his father will do to him when he finds out what happened and everyone starts cheppening him in Shul this Shabbos.

What does "everyone starts cheppening him" mean? (Sorry for my ignorance....)


you got me rolling on this one, good one keep it up


So so funny


Keep the kids out of the bushes..


what ever happened to the guy and the girl on the porch


It means making fun of


Ahhh, makes sense now. Thanks, Mr. Anonymous. (I'm not sure it seems that funny to me now!) Poor kid....


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