Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Brooklyn: A Black-Jewish Coalition?

If state Sen. John Sampson manages to unseat incumbent District Attorney Charles (Joe) Hynes today, we'll be seeing the value of a new style of crossover campaigning.

Sampson has been stumping nonstop in black neighborhoods and even aired ads on Black Entertainment Television, but also went to great lengths to build alliances with Jewish voters. Instead of invoking the old crossover formula of appealing to liberal whites, Sampson has been diligently courting votes in conservative Hasidic enclaves like Borough Park and Crown Heights. This is not your father's black-Jewish coalition.

In addition to accompanying Assemblyman Dov Hikind on a trip to Gaza, Sampson made a trip Sunday to the gravesite of Menachem Schneerson, who led the Crown Heights-based Lubavitcher movement.

We'll know by tomorrow whether the gambit pays off.


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