Sunday, September 18, 2005

Shorim called for Chaptzem on two Heimishe

Shomrim were called to 15th Avenue and 52nd Street to a situation between two Heimishe Yingerleit. Two Yingerleit were arguing over money, the argument quickly escalated into violence. Some passersby began to shout Chaptzem and Shomrim were called. Boro-Park Shomrim arrived at the scene within minutes and defused the situation by getting in between the two men and separating them. Imagine that, and they weren't even Chasidim from two feuding brother Rebbes.

y doesent shomrim mind their own business?


what is Yingerleit???
Just by the sound of it, you assume that they are all good people!!!


weren't even Chasidim from two feuding brother Rebbes.

the difference is simple two feuding brother rebbes are both winners cuz people throw money at them, but in this case thay are both loosers


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