Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Accident at the gas station

A yingerman lost control of his 4x4 and smashed into the metal protector around a gas pump at the gas station at 18th Avenue and 60th Street. The man driving the 4x4 was going up 60th Street and trying to get ahead of a Maxima on his right. When he saw that he would not be able to cut him off before the gas station, the 4x4 sped up and made a sharp write turn in front of him and flew into the gas station. However the driver of the 4x4 lost control and smashed into the metal poles that protect the gas pump. After a few seconds the driver got out of the car dazed and began to look for his yarmulka. The driver of the Maxima got out and began yelling at the 4x4 driver. The 4x4 driver just responded, "Please, don't you see I had enough already, just leave me alone and go home." I guess that's what you say after acting like a nut job and almost killing someone to get to the gas station quickly.

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