Sunday, November 20, 2005

Download the brand new Chaptzem! toolbar

Download the brand new Chaptzem! toolbar and enjoy a massive amount of special features.

Chaptzem Bar

The fantastic features of the Chaptzem! toolbar

The Chaptzem! toolbar is the first and only Heimishe toolbar that keeps you connected to all that matters every minute of the day!

Download Chaptzem! toolbar

And I can see the next Chaptzem news item.

Heimishe Yungerman in Boro Park, looks at porn on the internet, and chats with other meidelech.

Chaptzem is the last person i want looking over my shoulders.


What does the word chaptzem mean anyway?


Chaptzem is yiddish for "catch them". This was a phrase that was common years ago in Williamsburgh and Boro Park. When a person or store was robbed or mugged they would yell Chaptzem. When they did, everyone would immediately run after the perp and hold him for the police.


Not bad, not bad at all.
I hope that you will not wash dirty laundry outside.

Islamo Arab vicious Attacks on the Pious


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