Saturday, November 19, 2005

Heimishe Yingerman steals silver from burned down Heimishe house

After a fire last week in Monsey burned down the of a Heimishe family and they were forced to leave with the clothing on their back and take up residence elsewhere, a Heimishe Yingerman was seen entering their home and making off with many of their valuable silver items. A neighbor spotted a Chasidishe Yingerman, that wears 'vasse zoken' on Shabbos enter the home at night, before it was boarded up, and then leave a couple of moments later with his arms full of silver. These items included all of the family's silver bechers and various other pieces of silver. The neighbor was so taken aback by what he saw, that he could not even open his mouth to tell him something. The neighbor later told the people of the neighborhood that while everyone was helping the family get food and clothing for Shabbos this Yingerman, that ironically davens in the same Shul as the neighbor, was looting their home.

Link to article of fire

Seriously.Maybe he was salvaging the stuff for the people.If not call the cops and report him.


A yingerman from the shul would not steal.


Unger must be prety desporate


enuf of the chilul hasheym. dunt post dis no mor on the intrenet. rabunim asser it


heyy dumb bobover don't think the world is interested in your stupid comments


what does the visse zokken have to do with it if he wore shvartza zokken it would be ok?


i.m very shocked .how could a guy with visey zoken do such a sin .forget about the sin of gnive.the fire was on shabbos how could he carry the stuff on shabbos .if you will answer me there is an eriuv in monsey.dont you know all the rabonim are agsinst it .is he not scared of his wife.shver.shviger.i guess they will now ask for a GET from him .they dont wanna have a mchlel shabbos in there family


he should have worn boots and skvere would take the rap


Excuse me! There are kosher eruvim in Mosey!

If he was truly stealing, it is absolutely terrible!


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