Friday, November 18, 2005

Hillary Can't Steal The Jewish Vote This Time

With her 2006 senate re-election campaign fast approaching and ambitions for the White House in 2008, Hillary Clinton is once again fudging the record to appear more conservative. No, I'm not referring to her supposed war hawkishness, this time it's Israel Hillary's pretending to care about.

Hillary, who as First Lady supported Palestinian statehood and hugged Yasir Arafat's wife after she had made a violently anti-Israel speech, has been known to call Clinton campaign workers "fu**ing Jew-bastards." This is not a good record when you're running for re-election in New York City, where Jews are prominent and numerous. Hillary has embarked on a trip to Israel (with no stop in Palestine) to visit and praise the separation barrier being built along the edge of the West Bank. While there she also praised Ariel Sharon's work for peace, is to attend ceremonies marking the tenth anniversary of Prime Minister Yitchak Rabin's assassination, and called on the Palestinian people to "help prevent terrorism" by "[Changing their] attitudes about terrorism."

What happened to the Hillary who, like so many other liberals, thought that Palestine could do know wrong? Politics happened. Not that Hillary hasn't always had politics in mind; she has probably had the goal of becoming Commander-In-Chief for decades. But Hillary has to get the Jewish vote to win comfortably in what will no doubt be a heated run for the Senate; the only problem is that Hillary has never been very appealing to Jewish voters: her extreme liberalism, anti-Israel stance, and alleged use of racial slurs towards Jews has never sat well with them.

It also does not help that Hillary has never had to work for the Jewish vote before. What am I talking about?

Let me take you back to 1999: four members of the New York Hasidic community of New Square are convicted of starting a fake religious school with 1,500 fake students and embezzling $40 million in federal Pell grants, which they then funneled back in to the New Square community.

In August 2000, in the heat of her race for the Senate, Hillary visited the New Square Hasidic community where she met privately with community leader, Rabbi David Twersky. She said that she just wanted to meet privately with some Jewish community leaders, but no one knows for sure what was discussed in the meeting.

Heading into the 2000 Senate campaign most New York Hasidic communities were supportive of Hillary's GOP opponent, Rick Lazio. The New Square vote, which was historically conservative, was expected to go for Lazio by as much as 90%. Two Hasidic communities near New Square went for Lazio 3,500 to 150. New Square shocked everyone, going for Hillary 1,359 to 10. Hillary got 99% of the vote.
In December 2000, just a month after Hillary took New Square by 99%, Bill and Hillary met with community leaders from New Square in the White House Map Room where they discussed pardons for the four New Square embezzlers.

On January 20th, President Bill Clinton commuted the sentences of the four New Square embezzlers to time served.

That's one way to get the Jewish vote, by offering pardons for votes. Unfortunately for Hillary there is now a decent, God-fearing man in the Oval Office, not her criminal, sex-fiend husband.

It looks like this time around Hillary will actually have to work for the Jewish vote. She has already started her "move to the center," pretending she supports Israel. She has criticized the liberal's darling, Palestine. Now if she can just stop calling people "fu**ing Jew-bastards" she'll be all set.

Shane Carey is a staff-writer and editor of GunsGodGlory.com where he posts as "Willie." He is a young conservative living in Michigan.


a libelous assault by someoen who cant bear to admit that hillary has been great for the jews and israel. hatred is blinding, you people are sick


new york voters are as stupid as they come. how could they have elected such morons as "chuck shumer" and hillary clinton to the senate?


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