Friday, November 25, 2005

Man arraigned for stealing from Heimishe person

A man was arraigned in criminal court yesterday for stealing from a Heimishe man. The Heimishe man works in the vending machine business and the man that stole from him, a non-Jew, was working for him and stole from both a vending mchine and from his van. When the case was brought in front of the Judge, incidentally a Heimishe Judge, there was a protection order against the thief from the Heimishe man. However when the Judge looked at the man's address it was the same as the Heimishe complainant's, on 54th Street and 13th Avenue. The prosecutor asked that the Judge adjust the restraining order to allow him to enter his home even though it was in the same house, albeit on a different floor, as the man whom he had stolen from. The Judge refused the prosecutors request and asked that the man make arrangements to stay elsewhere until the case was resolved.

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