Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Pervert photographer successfully tracked down

Thanks to the help of the Chaptzem! blog and other dedicated individuals, the pervert photographer who has been taking pictures of Heimishe women and posting them on the internet has been discovered. He was tracked down by many dedicated individuals from the various communities that were affected by him. These individuals have been working hard staking out the area for the past couple of days. He has been photographed and it is known who he is and what he does. The decision what to do with him still remains to be made by the proper authorities.

Is he an Aharoni or Zalmani?


if it is like what you say that it is known who he is why not share it with all of us let be known to all of us and to all that have been affected.


What a strange world we live in.


And who are the proper authorities? Police?? Or a gang of vaad hatznius losers?


where are these photos posted anyway?




which section of hyde park


They are not there anymore they took them off
they were in the sex part of hydepark in the heimishe section


anything similar out there to see?


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