Sunday, November 20, 2005

Simcha Felder betrays us and Dov Hikind gets even lazier

After being forced to vote for Simcha Felder, by not having any other choice to vote on for City Council, now he will be betraying us by leaving his City Council job to pursue a cushy, higher rating job offered to him by Mayor Mike Bloomberg. While his symbiotic twin, Dov Hikind, has announced that he wants to give up his Assemblyman job, which incidentally we also had no choice over, and rather work in the City Council, Simcha Felder's job. Dov cited the reason for this change, even though it is a step down as far as political positions are concerned, due to his loss of interest in flying down to Albany for his assembly job. Interesting, from his voting record and list of bills that he has sponsored, you wouldn't think that Dov has ever been to Albany.

99% of your blogs have "0 Comments" Why? Could it be because you make no sence?


i didnt vote for simcha felder i left it blank and simcha and his evil twin dov are 2 lazy schmuks


DOv said on his weekly show, that he dosent know about simcha, but he is not givin up his assemblyman job. get the facts straight, the daily news misreported the situation


You guys are a bunch of suckers for even taking an interest in the elections. The only people that really care are the ones making money off of it ie. COJO etc and the "mosdos". How much trickels down to the community? It goes to pay for salaries and administrative expenses. We get get nothing from it. You guys are a bunch of suckers for even taking an interest.


Dov Hikind is not running for the seat thats what he said on his show Saturday night.
Noach Dear said in the newspapers that he will be running if Simcha Felder gives up his seat.
The Crains Insider wrote that Simcha Felder will push for his aide Pincus Ringel to replace him, and Dov Hikind on his radio show said he will also support P Ringel for the seat.
This will be an intresting election if it happens


Although it's nice that Dov Hikind & Simcha Felder support our brethren in Eretz Yisroel, and speak about soliderity trips to Chevron, they must realize that the comunity is sick of them not doing one !@#$^ thing for the jewish commuinty here in Boro Park. Correct me if I'm wrong. They where both elected to seats here in USA not in Israel!!!
We need to get some new people on the ballot that understand and will attend to the needs (which are many) of the local Jewish community!!


alll of u guysshould get life its cuz people like u and people that make web sites like is the reason were still stuck hear u all should be ashamed of ur self


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