Thursday, December 29, 2005

BMG issues retraction over extravagant Chinese Auction

After much criticism over the extravagant Chinese Auction being made by the Beth Medrash Govoha of Lakewood, the Yeshivah has issued a retraction and cancelled the Chinese Auction. BMG had sent out a massive mail campaign aimed at bringing in money for the Yeshivah through a Chinese Auction. However by the sight of the brochure alone and its cost, this idea did not seem to fit in with BMG's ruchnias-only concept. Therefore critics named the Yeshivah hypocrites for offering such pure gashmius as a means of bringing in money. The Hanholah obviously heard the outcry and has published various statements saying that the Chinese Auction is cancelled and that all monies collected this far will be returned. Now if they could only do the same about all the car leases.

On behalf of Beth Medrash Govoha, we apologize to the Tzibbur for the Ladies Auxiliary “Home” auction book that was mailed out this past week.

Beth Medrash Govoha, with over 4,500 talmidim who are moser nefesh for Torah each day, epitomizes the very essence of ruchnios. The “Home” book clearly sent the wrong message about who we are, what we represent, and our standards.

We erred by allowing it to go out.

We thank all our yedidim who took the time to communicate with us on this important issue. We also thank the partners of House and Home, as well as the auction sponsors; their intentions to help the Yeshiva are sincerely appreciated.

We have withdrawn the auction and are refunding all those who already participated.

Thank you,

Rabbi Aaron Kotler


if u read the auction book,it states that all pictures are for illustrative purposes only.
turn the page and u see a Picture of the a packed BM with guys learning


New York - More Than 100,000 Jews In The City Are Living Just Above Poverty Line
New York - About 104,000 Jews live just above the poverty line, caught in a world where they are too poor to lead a comfortable life but too wealthy to receive government assistance, a report released yesterday said. The report, documented 53,000 Jewish households whose income was at least $22,530 - or 150% above the federal poverty line - but less than $35,000 for a household of three people.

The report published yesterday said one-third of Jews in the metropolitan area living near the poverty line were struggling to cope with a serious or chronic illness; needed help finding a job; needed help caring for the elderly, or had a child with a learning disability.

The study was based on extensive telephone interviews of 4,533 Jewish households living near the poverty line


Reb Ahron zt"z has been dead for years


Monkey, that is Reb Ahron's zt"z decendent, a grandson I believe.


I must express my disgust at the outcry over this. All the yeshiva wanted to do was raise funds, not encourage anyone to lead a particular lifestyle. People need to learn to mind thier own business and not look to be kanoim over every little isssue. But hey, I guess I can't blame Lakewooders for their kanois. After all, they've been raised on a system that likes to ban anything that moves. If there hadn't been such an outcry, the brochure would never have had so much attention given to it. Shkoach, Lakewooders. You've once again succeeded in making a mountain out of a molehill. Get a life.


Why is Ahron Kotler, a brother of Malkiel, son of R' Schneur, Grandson of R' AAron signing this letter?? Aaron is the CEO and business head of BMG and is not a torah figure of any kind. Why didn't the roshei yeshiva sign? This R' Aaron was also the one who sold the yeshiva apts, evicted yingrleit, made millions for his own pocket by doing shady real estate deals with the township, etc.

As the saying goes, give them enough rope and they'll hang themselves. I see that happening more and more with Lakewood.


ahron signed it because he was behind the whole thing




Heck, that is sooo stupid. for gods sakes, i wanted to go for something there, then I hear from my cousin that they canceld it


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