Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Four Hasidic henchmen pleaded guilty to a bone-breaking assault yesterday, in the latest chapter of a holy war over control of one of New York's largest Hasidic congregations.

Abraham Braun, Lipa Krausz, Chaim Roth and Abraham Mendlowitz — personal assistants of ultra-Orthodox Rabbi Zalman Teitelbaum — admitted in Brooklyn Supreme Court yesterday that they attacked and broke the leg of a rival Hasid who started a brawl in their Williamsburg synagogue last year.

But the four walked out of court sentenced only to 50 hours of community service after a prosecutor conceded his case was shaky because one of the brawl victims was a convicted felon who had escaped from federal prison.

The court appearance was the latest in a battle of biblical proportions between two brothers over control of the 40,000-member Yatev Lev D'Satmar congregation.

Last year, two supporters of insurgent older brother Aaron Teitelbaum sneaked into the synagogue before Simchat Torah holiday services and planted themselves in Chief Rabbi Zalman Teitelbaum's chair. They then locked Zalman in a small apartment connected to the synagogue. About 50 of Zalman's followers broke down a door to free the rabbi and attacked the two Aaron supporters and their three bodyguards.


just proves over and over that thy aint as innocent as we think, eh?


This whole thing is stupid. leave the loshon hara off the web!


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