Monday, January 02, 2006

Bobover girls suspended from Bnos Tzion

A couple of Bobover girls were suspended from Bnos Tzion Bobover Girl's School. The grave transgression on their behalf was that during Chanukah Rebbetzin Hessy Halberstam had decided to give out Chanukah gelt to the women Chasidistes, these girls had also decided to go by and get their own Chanukah gelt. Being seen as disloyal to R' Bentzion by this act, the girls were quickly branded traitors and suspended from the school. I can only imagine what would have happened if those girls would have gone to take Chanukah gelt from R' Mordche Dovid.

please explain.


This whole Bobov thing is ludicrous! this is 2006 not the shtetl in 1874. gimme a break!


Maybe if they would have run away on a greyhound bus to Los Angeles they would have been accepted back with open arms.
And then the schools wonder why many girls and boys have a bad taste for yiddishkiet in thier mouths.
Go figure...


please give the real reason...........


yOU BELIEVE THIS STORY THEN i HAVE A BRIDGE TO SELL YOU. Its foolish and is false and motze shem rah. All your mitzvahs you ever did go to the people you spoke about gossip and all their sins go to you dear blogger chaptzem. sO ASK YOURSELF IS T WORTH IT MAKING UP THESE FOOLISH LIES IN ORDER FOR A FEW IMBOCILES TO GET ALL WORKED UP.


OK, so if that's not the reason they were thrown out, then what was??????


The true reason for their expulsion was that they were found having anal sex with a couple of satmer yingalach by yatev lev during breaks in the mud wrestling going on over there!


It seems that Bobov has devolved from a peaceful movement led by a semi-worldly gentleman to a movement of dim witted shameless war mongers. The Vilna Gaon had vision after all.



If someone had told you ten years ago that Bobov would be in New York State Supreme Court, asking a judge to decide who the next leader should be; would you have believed them? Face the sad facts, the movement is rotton from the head on down.


if someone desires to be a rebbe just get your people together and open a bais medrash, just like toldos avrom yitzchok. don't break up something for your "tavas hamemshala" if he is such a great tzadik why does he need to be bobov , why not something else???
it's very painful. STOP THIS NONESENSE!!!!!!


its so awful. im imbarassed to say that I'm related to these "kovod fressers" and not only that, have witnessed first handedly marraiges going downhill in my family because of differences of choice


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