Saturday, January 07, 2006

Bochur given a pink ticket while on a date

A bochur was given a pink ticket by a Police Officer while on a Shidduch date. The Bochur had taken his prospective mate on a date for a walk in the park, when a Police car passed by and waved to them. The Bochur feeling safe that there was a Police patrol going by, waved back to the Officer. About ten minutes later, the patrol car passed by again and stopped. A Police Officer got out of the car and asked the bochur and his date for ID. After handing his license over to the cop he was issued a pink ticket and an appearance date in court. When he asked the Officer what the ticket for, he said it was for being in the park passed closing time. He said that parks in New York have a sign posted at the gate that they are closed from dusk to dawn and that being in the park between those hours was violation of the law.

What is the source of this epsode? Did you just hear it in the mikveh or is there something more objective?


Is there anything objective about any of the news stories at chaptzem?

The objective is that chaptzem is immature and loves to report on no-news stories.


Maybe true but you read it nonetheless. And this is probably not the first time you've come here. Or the second.


If your looking only for EMES, get off the stupid internet and open a sefer.


open any book or sefer by Rabbi Nosson Nlifkin and you will see the EMES


that was a typo in my last comment *Rabbi Nosson Slifkin*


A Jewish man pulls up to the curb and asks the policeman, "Can I park here?" "No," says the cop. "What about all these other cars?" "They didn't ask!"


oy chaptzem! you always leave out part of the story! did the date actually go through?


The main thing is 'Abi MeLeibt' - Do you know if he got out of his car to dance with the policeman?


Lipa - I supposed u also never asked if u should make a tape.


If the park is closed after hours (ie, it's dark) and there would therefore be few if any other people there, isn't it a problem of yichud for this young couple to go there?


maybe they were making out??


a little shtupy, shtupy




Pig cop should have been out fighting crime and stopping drugs instead of issuing a bogus ticket.


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