Sunday, January 01, 2006

Chasidstud Busted

Chasidstud is busted, he has been exposed as a fraud.

Chasidstud had originally posted a picture on his site that was supposed to be of his muscled body, however it was discovered that the picture was not of him but was rather taken from another site. When he was sent this picture, he immediately removed the post and the picture from his site. Unfortunately for him, it was already too late because the post had already been saved and is posted here.

I know that this fraud is not worth my time, I just feel compelled to let my readership know when someone tries to defraud them and put down other people.

im jack. i originally told him that i knew it was a fake. i was just calling his bluff!
i had my pics up on my blog. i challenged him to see who is bigger. and he put up that picture. i knew it was fake, so i called his bluff AND I WIN!


I knew it wasn't him. Because no payos. And the underwear was a dead giveaway.since when do chassidich men wear underwear like CK and Boss?


for sure he such a fraud...and anyone can tell he is as gay as can be.."I invite anyone who wants to talk to me about muscular chasidim"Oh please!Probably he is such poor schlub in downtown Villiamsburg who has fantasies about the mikva on erev yom kippur.LOL!


In his defense, he NEVER said that it is a picture "of himself"...read his post - he wrote "here is a picture FROM me".


ok yes anon 12:55? on top of the pic it says "yuli at the pool aug 2006" cut the crap. we all know its you chasidtud postin as anon all of a sudden.


Of course it can't be him. I have never, ever in all my 33 years, seen such a hot chasid.


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