Sunday, January 01, 2006


From the famous auctioneers who brought you the indian-hair shaitels, we now bring you our latest and greatest auction;

Attention modern orthodox fundraisers: Do you have a yeshiva that is trying to raise money? Well, if you are thinking of making a Chinese auction, we have a great opportunity for you. Due to an embarrassing mistake by an overzealous chairlady, 10,000 beautiful, glossy catalogues with pictures of the most ostentatious prizes you can imagine are available for sale. These are sure to be a big hit with your kind of people. Inside are countless over-the-top prizes that modern orthodox people will embrace. There are also many pictures of yeshiva students that can easily be edited to depict colored shirts and smaller yarmulkes that can pass for members of your yeshiva. For a small fee, we will remove the front cover and replace it with your logo (provided that it makes no mention of Torah uMada).

Christian, Catholic, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh, Scientologist, Atheist and Agnostic charities also welcome to bid.

Link to Ebay auction

Charedim To Hold Mass Protest Against NYC?
Steven I. Weiss is reporting rumors of a large, Charedi anti-Bloomberg protest at tomorrow's inaguration. The issue? Metzitza b'peh, the medieval oral-to-genital-contact during (some) circumcisions Charedim refuse to stop. Weiss also reports rumors circulating in Flatbush and other less-Chasidic areas of Orthodox New York of new government controls over any ritual circumcision, MBP or not.

What is this all about? It seems to me NYC's Health Department is about to release more damning information about the dangerous spread of herpes and other diseases through MBP, information – and perhaps specific cases – already shared with Charedi leadership, but not shared by that leadership with their communites. If NYC does this, it will expose haredi leadership to serois attacks from within their own communities. That is why these leaders need to quickly recast this as an attack on circumcision itself, and not simply an attack against a dangerous, non-biblical, section of the procedure done only by (some) Charedim.

While the actual *meat* of the rumors are certainly false*, the underlying message is clear – turn genuine concern by the city for the safety of Jewish children into an antisemitic witch hunt aimed at Charedim.

More to come, as this developes.

*With the exception of the demonstration, which may take place.


I would love to see the auction, but the link says that the it is invalid.


Too bad, the listing was removed :-(


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