Monday, January 16, 2006

Kiryas Yoel Lipa Schmeltzer ban

Letter from Kiryas Yoel Vaad Hachinuch against Lipa's new album
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English translation of the letter

We'd like to raise awareness and let the respected elders know that we should guard our homes from all kinds of Jewish-Yiddish music tapes.

Especially the new fearful (JEZZY-ROCK-N-ROLL) tape "Keneinahora" [Ed. the title of Schmeltzer's new CD] which is very bad for the spirituality of those who hear it.

Hashem should help save us from all bad influences which come cloaked in many different guises, especially during these holy Chanuka days, during which Hashem saved us from the Hellenists and Greeks, and we should all merit to see righteous and blessed future generations without any bad influences in any fashion.

We should all merit the fullfillment of the blessing of one who lights Chanukah candles will be blessed with sons that are Torah scholars, Amen, so be his will.

Vaad Hachinuch.



That means Zalmen Leib will have Lipa sing at the next big Satmar Chasuna in Williamsburg.


The truth is that it is a Shaalah if you can use COmpletely Goyisha Songs and add jewish words to them.

Someone asked the Lubavitcher Rebbe this same Shaalah and he said to ask Rabonim and it there is a Sofik Kidai Lichumrah


I heard the schvartze goons on Simchas Torah were p[laying Lipa while the Hasidim were being interviewed on TV on Yom Tov. Sinas chinam, arkaois shel oivdei kochavim, etc... are all fine BUT LIPA!!! Chas v'shalom! I think they're really upset because his song GELT is about them. RACHMANA NITZLAN! They have absolutely no credibility! BTW the same goes for Bobov. Gelt Gelt Gelt!!!!! R'Yoil & R' Shloimele are turning over in their graves.


relax guys all is good, the deal was like this, i give them 5 grand and they come out with an isur, i gave them a check that eventually bounced, so now they are threating me to pull back the isur

so lets all sing toghter
אין וועלכער איז דער חסיד, אין וועלכער איז דער חסיד


what do you know about music???
mostly chasidic(chasnes) music(read nigguns)come from russia/poland some romenia & hungary(Not all of them)From very dirty
songs.Very stupid and primitive.
Gerer's niggunim was taken from
polish firefigters (be4 2war)etc etc..So??


some niggum comes from german drinking songs


SOL A KOKOSH was a Hungarian folk song, and only after the Kalever Rebbe bought it from a shepperd did it become heilig!!

All Lipa needs to do is pay some singers a few bucks and all becomes heilig.


I don't see why Lipa should mind. Now kids in Kiryas Yoel will be paying triple in some dark alley for his "illegal" album


Hey Lipa,now you can come to the five towns and and do your mixed shows.The only difference is that now you can tell people about it and not be so hush hush anymore.


With all that is going on in Satmar, they focus on Lipa??

Why not protest ostentatiousness? Expensive cars? Expensive houses? Kids off the derech?

How about protesting smoking? Imagine if they redirected all the money that is spent on cigarette sand gave them to Satmar Bikur Cholim?

Lipa is an easy target that makes people feel good.

But they are ignoring serious issues.

Abi Meleibt!


The truth is that it is a Shaalah if you can use COmpletely Goyisha Songs and add jewish words to them.

The Chid"a says in ענים למשפט that it is 100% muttar


evryeone shuld noow lipa is a zaddik. thes satmar guys do much wors thengs than lisen to lipa museec. lipa is de best!! i want to be hiss freend.


i thenk lisenn to lipa is beter thenn luking at oder laydees in the grossery.


BH that's the only problems the Rabbonim have. (HUGE dollop of sarcasm)


you retards cant spell to save your lives no wonder you have to make a living doing crooked shtick


Poor Lipa! No wonder mashiach won't come. All this silliness over a record? Be kind to eachother. Abi meleibt!


Fuck every smeckel on this blog who cannot spell English properly


THE KVETCHER needs to stop getting wet over DOCTOR DOOM. Every super hero in the Marvel wrold has cleaned his clock at least 100 times. get a life and attend BMG


this blog is done very nicely,
except when it gets too dicey.

chaptzem should think about moderating the four-letter language,
generated by the over zealous.

junior mishpacha got it from YOU, for a lot less than what I just saw two comments before. It doesn't seem like you want the rep of a double standard. Got Rules?


LIPA ROCKS!Best Yiddish Singer Ever!A Breath of fresh air!


These Satmar so called Chassidim should check out their own closet which is always behind closed doors rather than comment on someone like Lipa who is only out to do good in the open.
Keep up the good work Lipa and thanks for your recent appearence at Kfar Chabad which incidently was a segregated kosher event.
a happening enjoyed by all and a tremendous Kiddush Hashem


Wow! Lipa is making so much money in kiryas joel. if it is assered its a metzia


lipa i'm happy for you!!! you get double the customers of kyrias yoel than before the issur


lipa is top of the line singer.


The traditional tune for ein keilokeinu is a Lutheran Hymn. But never mind that I don't understand one thing. The Rabbis that banned Lipa banned the internet. I don't recognize these Rabbis nor their bans, but for you who take these Rabbis seriously, what are you doing on the internet? Why do you recognize their ban on Lipa but not their ban on the internet?


I am waiting to see the day that the "Gedolim" ban money since it is goyish and they don't consider George Washington, the "gelte rebbe". You shot down a huge sum of money by making Lipa cancel the concert. This money would have helped many who needed it and you took that away. Why don't you now to own up to your stupid mistake, go raise the money to cover the expenses? You are not "Gedolim" because real Gedolim practice what they learn, they just don't preach it to everyone else.


many of the rabbis say they were fooled into signing by the the 2 reshaim
if they have one shred of emes they should contact lipa and beg mechilah and pay the damages


(Hmmm - This Rabbi didn't know that almost all Chasidic melodies came from Goishe drinking or military songs as Eastern European Chasidim had no musical inspiration other than adopting these as Chasidic "covers")

Secondly, how come all of you frum people are able to use this blog on the INTERNET yet Lipa's concert to some developmentally disabled charitable event is condemned!


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