Saturday, January 14, 2006

Lipa Abi Meleibt music video

The most requsted Jewish music video, Lipa Schmeltzer - Abi Meleibt.

Watch video

to who or where is this crap the most requested video?
they stole a song, wasted food and went agaisnt all of their own prinxiples for quality jewish entertainment.


regardless of your opinion, i still love you all and thanks for all the kind words

אבי מ'לעבט


Mr Chaptzem

How much money is Lipa paying you in order to create all this buzz and publicity for him? If people like his music they will buy it. If not they won't. If Rabbonim want to issues Issurim let them. After all, issurim were issued by certain rabbis against listening to Shloime Carlebach and I do not think his sales suffered too badly as a result. Probably the opposite.


The song Abi Melebt is the stupidest song I ever heard!! Since when is Abi Melebt for a jew! A Yid has to do mitzvos and chessed throughout his visit in this world not to come and abi leb! I'm sorry but this song is really not appropriate to be called a JEWISH SONG!!!


Actually the video is one of the most requested on google video.


I hear the israeli government is paying Lipa to come sing by Ariel Sharon's bedside. They want him to sing 'Abi Meleibt'.



check out "abi a hippo lebt"



I am born of a non jewish mother. I have since admired what you have as jewish people. I am so curious to understand that those of you who are jewish think that LIPA would mock or detour from his great is passion G-d. You should stop and take a step back. Because as the song goes at least I am living. The world should only know what comforts and blessings they have. This includes YOU. What is wrong by saying ABI MELEIBT????


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