Friday, January 06, 2006

Orthodox Lobbyist, Jack Abramoff's, Black Hat Is a Borsalino From Bencraft Hatters in Brooklyn

After pleading guilty to three felony counts of mail fraud, tax evasion, and conspiracy, lobbyist Jack Abramoff walked out of federal court in Washington, D.C., in a black fedora purchased from Bencraft Hatters, a Brooklyn-based haberdasher that caters largely to Orthodox Jews.
Two conservative commentators suggested that Abramoff's hat was intended to make a religious statement. In a posting on the National Review Online, John Podhoretz wrote that Abramoff was wearing "the black hat of a very Orthodox Jew" while New York Times columnist David Brooks described the hat as "a pseudo-Hasidic homburg [sic]."

Implicit in the speculation is that Abramoff, an observant Orthodox Jew, was trying to use his Judaism to counter his negative public image. That impression was bolstered by his statement during his plea bargain in the Washington court, which struck a religious tone. "I only hope that I can merit forgiveness from the Almighty and from those I have wronged or caused to suffer," Abramoff told the court. "I will work hard to earn that redemption."

The hat in question, a Como II fedora made by Borsalino, retails on the Bencraft Web site for $200. Salesman Asher, who declined to give his last name, told the Forward that Bencraft sells the majority of its hats to religious Jews, but that Abramoff's model β€œis not a particularly religious hat.” He said the hats Bencraft sells to religious Jews typically have β€œa bit higher crown and a bigger brim.”

I wonder if Bencraft Hatters delivers to jail cells.


Disgusting trying to play up thr religion card. This guy was involved in a deal in Folorida where one of the participants was murdered. Thisguy sould be put away for a long time. Now Chillul Hashem isthe latest wrong. He looks more like a mafioso in the picture than a frum person. Probably his defence and PR team trying to put a spin.


And what evidence do you have of his involvement in the murder???? What ever happened to Dan Lekaf Zechus??

Was anyone hurt in any of his deals?? Has he harmed anyone, stolen from anyone?? NO! NO!


doesm't he own a nonkosher restaurant in Washington DC? So how is he frumm?


Because he owns one doesn't mean he eats non-kosher.
(After all, ah yid darf parnusah)


You are asking how is he frum if he owns a unkosher restuarant, yet it doesn't bother you that he is frum and steals millions of dollars??

What is wrong with us that we think its ok to steal, and we can still be frum. Why is it ok to steal but if I eat not cholov-yisroel I am a shaigetz? Where did our priorities get lost?


So where is there justice here? What did he steal? Did he not do what every other lobby person does? And if he did so much, how do so many of our people get such longer prison terms then this guy will get, for stealing a lot less. This blog has talked about all these other guys; vitznitch, satmar, bobov. So where is the equal justice. Samet got 27 years. So shouldn't this guy get 270 years? And if he is a Jew we should help him and not attack him. He's got enough trouble.


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