Sunday, January 15, 2006

Rabbi Balkany back to his old tricks

Rabbi Milton Balkany is Boruch Hashem back with his old license plate. During his political / legal crisis, Rabbi Balkany, in an attempt not to attract attention to himself, had given up his custom license plates that he had on his blue Mercury Grand Marquis. The plates, that read BYB 1, the acronym for Bais Yakov of Brooklyn 1, were a dead giveaway of his presence and served as a media magnet to himself. Now after the wind of crisis has blown over however he has decided to take back his plates. He can now be seen proudly displaying the characters BYB 1 on his license plates once again.

So pride goes before a fall he just
got lucky last time


We should be mispallel that Hashem cleans the world


all you losers who have no life leave those that do have one (actually a very rewarding one) alone.


any body who has a problem with rabbi balkany should get a life or a hotter wife and say tehillem for yourself


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