Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Satmars were right about Israel

Nobel Prize Laureate for Economics, Professor Israel Aumann said Tuesday that the Satmars, an anti-Zionist Hasidic sect, were right in saying that an independent Jewish state should not be established before the messiah’s arrival.

Speaking at a Bnei Akiva conference in Ramat-Gan, Aumann reiterated his criticism of the government’s treatment of Gush Katif evacuees, referring to it as a "national disgrace."

He also slammed decision-makers for continuing to allow Palestinian incitement, as he called it, which “is even worse than terror attacks or Qassams.”

During his keynote speech at the event, Aumann said he believes Israel is “in deep trouble,” adding that “perhaps only the national religious Jews and the Bnei Akiva yeshivas can salvage the situation.”

“I fear the Satmars were right. As God did not build a home here, the Zionists’ work is for nothing,” he said.

Aumann proceeded to incorporate the game theory he developed into the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, saying Israel’s yearning for immediate peace makes it even harder to achieve.

“If we could say to our neighbors, ‘You have time? So do we. You’re sticking to your goal? So are we.’ If they understand this, peace will be attainable,” he said.

Aumann presented the Cold War era as an example of his theory, claiming that the fact that one side realized any attack would result in nuclear retaliation actually helped preserve the calm.


I don't know this professor nor much about Bnei Akiva - but I do believe that the Satmar rebbe ztz'l was right - because he taught the same shita that was always taught re: golus and geulah. Many - such as the Agudah - changed after the war and the founding of the Medina in order to take part in the state and have benefit from its funding. The quagmire that klal yisroel finds itself in is due to not having listened to the clear and definitive teachings of the Satmar Rebbe ztz'l on Zionism. Chaval al d'avdim...


He doesn't think Satmar are right. That was rhetorical. He is a religious Zionist and was speaking to other religious Zionists.

He recognizes that the current actions of the State of Israel are weak and thinks religious Zionism is the answer, as opposed to secular Zionism.


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