Sunday, January 22, 2006

We have the Lipa Schmeltzer Abi Meleibt video

After being posted on the Chaptzem! Blog, the Lipa Scmeltzer Abi Meleibt video became the most requested video on google videos. However the entity that posted the video has removed it since and it can no longer be downloaded via google. Nevertheless, we have made sure that no one will have to forgo the opportunity to watch this video. The video is now exclusively available in its entirety to watch and download from the site that has brought you so many other things, the Chaptzem! Blog.


Watch streaming video high quality

Watch streaming video

Download and watch

burich hashem everebody can see the video again, it is a big zchis for you that you make it aveylable for inz yiden to see gitte heimshe videos.
i dont considr myself a chusid from any rebbe, i just love alle yiden. especialy lipa. i dont know why satmer says it is user. they are mishge. it is beter to listen to lipa. den other goishe shtisim.
alot of hatzoolcha Lipa!!!!


this video really changed my life. because my wife thinks more highly of lipa then me. she thinks he is better looking. publishing this video is endangering men everywhere.


its a pleasure to help other jews




what are you doing letting your wife watch lipa videos? if she cannot control herself? you need help!


This is so stupid, Lipa Schmeltzer is becoming worse and worse by every release, Abi Melebt has nothing to do with Yiddishkeit, it would be beautiful on FM Radio not for Chasidishe people, he's the only one who really tries to copy the "Shvartze" low class music, I don't know how people cam like it, I certainly understand why they need to "Aser" it...


(preivous post)if your so chasiedesh then how come you use the internet? huh?

oh and by the way Chaptzem...your a little late!


No "yiddish chein" at all.


Lipa is THE one. Everyone likes Lipa, he is the best today... like it or not but he is the singer of todays style.

Keep it up!!!


You can't get it up more likely


Why is he trying to sing so "goyish"?


Thanks its a niche to watch thanks.

I once saw on the net a video were there is a singer that sings Ribono Shel olam" and in between he announces a soccer game in Yiddish ..it was very funny and clever.......

Can you help me to find this video....




Please help me find the Lipa Gelt video, I had it on my old computer but it died, now I can't find it anywhere. I have 2 of his other ones but not this one.
Any help will be greatly appreciated !!!


For years I wouldn't listen to JM because I really couldn't stand any of it. I just discovered Lipa a few months ago and he is all I care to listen to... all day at work, in the car and at home. On Shabbos I hum and sing his songs which is hard because I hardly understand yiddish but now I want to learn. He is a genious. You can't listen to his music and not see it. As far as people saying his music sounds "goyish". That must mean great quality, or amazing, or smart. I don't see how anyone with a brain could characterize songs about Shabbos, Yom Tov, and various Torah concepts as "goyish". One would have to be more than closed minded, perhaps full of hatred to go out of their way to say something bad about such beautiful, holy music. I believe that the music and videos are just the begining for Lipa and we will see much more from him in other areas of entertainment because he is so incredibly talented and has such an obvious love of all Jews. He is the positive Chassidic role model that many of us have been needing to come along and I think that what he has to offer goes far beyond his music.


HELLLLP my niece keeps goin beelay beelay beelay...


Yisroel mod - the gelt video used to be on google but its not there now - keep checkin it mite come back!


i Love Lipa he is always besimcha! whenever i listen to his music i smile and its alot of fun, i agree his music is jazzy, but its still better than listining to FM radio, thats all about love keep on making more lebbidiga songs.


hey you guy? who do you think you are?taking fm radio music and making it look jewish?i wonder from were your children will be taking the music (all the goyish ones are already taken by you)


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