Friday, January 20, 2006

Wiiliamsburg Hasidic party photos launch police probe

An "appreciation party" where Brooklyn cops got free dinner and drinks — and expensive electronic goodies, in some cases — is now the subject of an NYPD Internal Affairs Bureau investigation, the Daily News has learned.

The lavish New Year's celebration was thrown in January 2005 at Manhattan's Prime Grill, where sources said cops were entertained by a magician and walked out with presents and "prizes" in green gift boxes.

"We want to look at photos taken at the event," said a police source. "We'll identify who was there, have them in for questioning and see where it goes from there."

A uniformed guard snapped to a salute in the icy rain on Jan. 3, 2005, as officers, including high-ranking brass in suits, got out of unmarked cars and strolled into the E. 49th St. steakhouse.

Both sides of the street had been cordoned off for police parking.

The News observed dozens of cops, some who got out of cabs at the corner, often with dates, enter the party.

The affair was hosted by Abe Friedman, an orthodox Jewish leader from South Williamsburg — a Brooklyn neighborhood where different religious sects and ethnic groups often compete over housing, jobs, city services and political pull.

It wasn't the first time Friedman had thrown New Year's celebrations at exclusive eateries for cops, sources said.

On other occasions, revelers were invited to Abigael's On Broadway for a Jan. 6, 2003, bash and again to the Prime Grill on Jan. 5, 2004. All invitations name Friedman as the "host," and described him as an "NYPD liaison."




Chilul hashem?? Excuse me, but get the facts straight. There are no allegations of bribery. Secondly, such parties are thrown by many organizations cross the city, including the 100 cops in black, the Italian-American league, and others.

There is only an investigation, and we all know that it will lead to nothing!! This was just leaked by the Daily News to get some attention grabbing headlines.

The only chilul hashem, is you, a self hating jew.




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Calm down, an "appreciation party"? I see nothing wrong with showing appreciation. There is a big difference between bribery and appreciation.

To the poster who started with the profanity: Your breath must stink like shit, maybe that's because your an asshole.


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